The Love Army raises $1.5 million for refugees

$1.5 million and counting: Hundreds of thousands of refugees who escaped ethnic cleansing in Myanmar were given a needed lift by The Love Army and citizens across the world. To add your name to this noble cause visit:

01/09/2018 3:02 PM
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  • Rob J.
    01/09/2018 15:18

    They have sun, warm and water. I see no crops of any kind

  • Bhat S.
    01/09/2018 16:06

    God bless you

  • Eddie V.
    01/09/2018 16:48

    I DON'T see aid for Africa.

  • Jim J.
    01/09/2018 17:51

    Make sure the same courtesy is extended to the Middle East Christians

  • Marcie G.
    01/09/2018 17:53

    I commend them for what they are doing, but the problem will always be there unless you teach them to grow food and harvest water from the new technologies that are there, also they really need to address the woman about birth control, even though they dont believe in it, who in this world would want too bring children into this world just too watch them die, first fix the problems around them, then, make your family, thats my opinion

  • Imran K.
    01/09/2018 17:54

    Great job Brothers ALLAH BLESSING U

  • Jim M.
    01/09/2018 19:30

    We have to take care of our own Screw the rest of them

  • Lynnae J.
    01/09/2018 20:56

    I wish money like this was raised for all the veterans living on the streets!

  • Monir H.
    01/09/2018 21:33

    Excellent news thanks

  • Hassan D.
    01/09/2018 21:55

    very important

  • Carolyn J.
    01/10/2018 00:13

    In Jan 2014 I was in Myanmar where the Rohinga's were living in the mountains. Saw them come to the market once to shop. Took pictures and exchanged items. They wanted my dark lipstick and I wanted their jewelry.

  • Lisette M.
    01/10/2018 00:31


  • Bina K.
    01/10/2018 00:42

    They killed peace loving. Bodhs Hindus when retaliated they play victim,they should learn to co exist.Me too is a refugee from Indian Kashmir. Jihadies massacred our community looted,brunt our houses ,Hindu villages murdered with kids in the mother's laps.we had been made flee at the gun point in middle of night 1990 Jan on the ground of being Hindu.ourfemale folk gang raped turned into two pieces by haksaw

  • Shilpa D.
    01/10/2018 01:35


  • Tabarak K.
    01/10/2018 04:05

    I don’t get the comments here !!! Not the good positive ones but the up top disgusting ones ! One saying she wished the money went to veterans!! so what stopping you ?! Go make a campaign and raise the money for the cause u care about but the Idea that u deprive refugees who have been through the worst circumstances the aid they need is disgusting and inhuman ! Or the sickos who want them to farm ! U do know they lost everything! They don’t have the means to eat let a lone to farm ! that in addition to loosing their family members , loved ones , friends and neighbors ! This is such a good act and amazing post but ppl had to ruin it with their shit !!! Anyways bravo for all their good work and I hope a brighter day comes around for these poor ppl .

  • Pe K.
    01/10/2018 04:17

    That NGO guy even bought iPhone X 😂 I have no idea how much they had stolen from funding & donation money NGOs are earning money 💰in the name of Human Rights. They are all doing business. I am also interested in this good business.

  • Muhd K.
    01/10/2018 04:46


  • Soraya N.
    01/10/2018 04:58

    Thank goodness good people who want to do something are. Put a spotlight on this situation by all means. When all else seems dim a few shoots of light bring back your faith in the good people in the world.

  • Choudhury A.
    01/10/2018 05:52

    Actually Rohingya have every right and citizenship of mayanmar but they cancel their citizenship by army government . They can’t Mary or go out from village and can’t take education from school . All the literate people killed by them . Also they have xperlament member some are killed and some in jail too . Before from rohingya they have cabinet minister too . On ong-San-suchi ‘s father cabinet . Now only left some villagers and less literate people . Who is dying by mayanmar army governments and some Buddhist political movement . Also ong-San -Suchi support that killing too.

  • Robert D.
    01/10/2018 05:56

    The cruelty is just appalling.. I wish our country would welcome them..