The Moken, the "people of the sea"

Have you heard of the Moken ? This "people of the sea" lived peacefully in Thailand and Burma...until real estate developers tried to uproot them.

09/15/2017 8:12 AM
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  • Carole R.
    10/01/2017 16:13

    I wish these money grabbing greedy developer's would leave the planet alone it's already complaining and leave these people alone it's THEIR WAY OF LIFE NOT YOU GREEDY DEVELOPERS READ THE FIRST PART OF THE WORD DEVEL OPERS

  • Arriba S.
    10/01/2017 05:32

    Too many humans, not enough nature.

  • Shelly L.
    09/30/2017 20:09

    So very sad...the only way I can see them to make themselves a tourist attraction sadly. They could make some money & keep their land.......

  • Raul R.
    09/30/2017 15:07

    Jessica Ruiz /:

  • Bernard S.
    09/30/2017 14:20

    Its Badjao tribe

  • Ana M.
    09/30/2017 04:00

    and the Moken people.... Maybe you got lost Vlad.