• Kevin G.
    05/22/2021 13:26

    They say we're free in the United States but unarmed black men get shot in the back on a daily basis by police officers this is not freedom this is a dictatorship you either do what they say or they shoot you in the back welcome to America land of the free home of the Dead

  • D S.
    05/02/2021 15:12

    I can't trust anyone in the days of disinformation craziness. Not when you can't even check out their credentials. That's the problem with this. Anyone can be anonymous and say anything

  • Indie M.
    04/22/2021 19:43

    Anonymous please delete the horror against Palestinian prisioneiros 💔💔

  • Daus C.
    03/28/2021 21:08

    Leaders given me join you group ... I not have group cyber

  • Tamil V.
    03/26/2021 09:06

    [email protected]

  • Bruce R.
    03/20/2021 10:37

    Be Proud People .People Power TRUTH cuts Through B.S GREED AND WARS ARE DARKNESS. We R ONLY VISITORS HERE on .MOTHER EARTH. MOTHER EARTH GAVE US A FOUNDATION FROM WITHIN ONE SELF . To have more respect for MOTHER EARTH & ANOTHER HUMAN BEING & of our CREATOR'S Very BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS OF MOTHER EARTH GREED AND WARS are DARKNESS...We are all HUMAN BEINGS on the inside.. but not the LABELS ON THE OUTSIDE. only a suggestion try try ( timelesstoday.com ) u might find it interesting to learn more about ones SELF. LIVE IN THE LIGHT.So u can see more clearer picture

  • Johnpaul J.
    03/14/2021 01:17

    Nonsense, Anonymous is a big fat lie. He is even a scammer, he scammed me#50,000, and i won't keep silent until he refund my money back.

  • Umair M.
    03/10/2021 20:58

    Anonymous Is Not An Organization Or Movement, Anonymous Is An Idea... Ideas Are Immortal !!

  • Rahmat P.
    02/25/2021 06:08


  • Mohammad F.
    02/24/2021 01:22

    How to get backup from anonymous. 1 side to hack in real life. 1 side to help from system. To fight jews

  • Cathy A.
    02/23/2021 07:34


  • Steven A.
    02/22/2021 21:40

    Oxincotton Are people burning there factories $&&my god I need my fixi

  • Yazar L.
    02/19/2021 23:46

    Save Myanmar Please

  • Zwè X.
    02/12/2021 03:12

    Dear international friends, In our country Myanmar, the military has detained our elected democratic government, party leaders and political activists. This is a breach of democracy in the nation. National television channels, some phone services and internet services are cut out nationwide.Please be aware of what is happening in Myanmar right now and support us. This is against the will of citizens. They are using weapons to shut us out. We, people from Myanmar need urgent ATTENTION and ACTION from the people, governments around the WORLD. Myanmar military is repeating the ugliest history of conducting a coup over unfounded, false claims of vote fraudulent... Myanmar army has coup the Nation and announced to be in power for a year. We need to let the world to know that this is not our choice. For International friends, please help us in anyway you can. Let the world know by sharing this message 🙏 p prr 🇲🇲

  • Zwè X.
    02/12/2021 03:12

    If you see this letter, please help us. Our citizens are in trouble now. We need justice for our country. The leaders were arrested by the military in a coup.What the military is doing now is completely illegal and has led to a rebellion.The military is acting against the will of our people.We need pressure from foreign leaders to release our captured leader from the military.Please help us to have justice for our country.🙏We do not want military dictators.The military has cut off all communications in our country, so please help spread the word about it to the international community. r🇲🇲icnment

  • Zwè X.
    02/12/2021 03:12

    Please stand with the people of Myanmar. We don't want military leadership. It would be a huge setback and a serious blow to our democratic reforms in Myanmar. They cut out our phone lines and internet access this morning. We don't know when it will happen again. They have detained our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other ruling party politicians. So please spread our voices and stand with us in fighting for our democracy.

  • လူ ထ.
    02/11/2021 04:13

    ကျနောကတော့ နိုငံတကာ သတင်းဌာနတွေကို gmailကနေ ရော် message boxကနေ သိသလောက်ပို့ပီးပါပြီ ၊ သိသလောက် နိင်ငံတကာ သတင်းဌာနတွေ ၊ mail ကနေပို့ပေးကြပါ please ‌page‌ တွေ မှာ copy ယူပီး မန့်ပေးပါ ၉ရက် ညက တစ်ညထဲ တရုတ်လေယာဉ် 5-round trips ဝင်သွားတဲ့ အကြောင်းရင်း သိရပြီ ----------------------------------------- တရုတ်အစိုးရ သိစေရန် VPN အပါအ ၀ င် FB, Twitter, Google စသည်တို့ကိုပိတ်ဆို့ရန်နှင့် CYBER LAW အားတင်းကြပ်ရန်အတွက်အင်တာနက်အစိုးရ Firewall ကိုတရုတ်အစိုးရသည်အရေးတကြီးကူညီပေးဘို့ လာနေပြီဆိုတာ ငါတို့သိနေတယ်။ ကူမင်းမှလေယာဉ် ၅ စီးသည်မနေ့ကရန်ကုန်သို့ရောက်ရှိခဲ့သည်။ မျက်မြင်သက်သေများက“ ခရီးသည်အများစုသည်အိုင်တီပညာရှင်များဖြစ်သည်” ဟု ထွက်ဆိုထားသည်။ မင်းတို့ တရုတ်အစိုးရက နိူင်ငံတော်ပုန်ကန်သူတွေကို အားပေးအားမြှာက်ပြုနေတာ အခုချက်ချင်းရပ်ပါ။ မရပ်ရင် မင်းတို့ တရုတ်အစိုးက နိူင်ငံတော် ပုန်ကန်သူတွေ အားပေး အားမြှောက် ပြုနေတာဆိုတာ ကမ္ဘာက သိအောင် ဖြန့်ပါမည်။ Junta Let the Chinese government know We know that the Chinese government is urgently helping the Internet government firewall to block FB, Twitter, Google, including VPNs, and to crack down on CYBER LAW. Five planes from Kunming arrived in Rangoon yesterday. Eyewitnesses say "most of the passengers are IT professionals." Stop immediately that your Chinese government is encouraging the rebels. If you do not stop, you will spread the word that the Chinese government is supporting the rebels. Junta #ChinaSetupFirewallfor 让中国政府知道 我们知道,中国政府正在紧急帮助互联网政府防火墙阻止FB,Twitter,Google(包括VPN),并打击网络法。 昆明有五架飞机昨天抵达仰光。 目击者说:“大多数乘客都是IT专业人员。” 立即停止您的中国政府在鼓励叛乱分子。 如果您不停止行动,您会说中国政府正在支持叛军。 容塔#ChinaSetupFirewallfor

  • Faz L.
    01/28/2021 16:11

    Anonymous can take down Facebook anytime..

  • Fu '.
    01/21/2021 21:16

    Make the world safe take down the power of the deep state u can do it

  • Adm D.
    12/23/2020 08:37

    If u anonymous u shouldn't to tell anyone that's our mission we can't tell everybody secret on this website, this website have not privacy