The story of Melissa Lucio, the woman on death row in Texas

The first Hispanic woman on death row, Melissa Lucio stands accused of murdering her daughter. But as filmmaker Sabrina Van Tassel investigated the case, she found there was more to the story …

09/15/2021 4:58 PM


  • Chipoppito O.
    7 hours

    She did what she did. now pay the consequences ❗💯🤷

  • Chipoppito O.
    7 hours

    She looks scary😂😂😂

  • Paula W.
    7 hours

    I'm sorry, but I don't believe in "death-row". If a wolf or large cat attacks your herd of cattle, what do you do? You take it down. These people on "death-row", we pay to feed, cloth, and in some cases, entertain via tv. It's time to stop the stupidity of death row where they live on my dime and dollar for DECADES.

  • Cecy V.
    8 hours

    Thats hoy they día to me......Diferent case...

  • Collin K.
    8 hours

    Or a criminal, what has colour got to do with it

  • Wendy W.
    11 hours

    This woman doesn't know what she is talking about

  • Stacey A.
    14 hours

    FAKE NEWS all lies

  • Marley G.
    16 hours

    I want to help!

  • Carina S.
    16 hours


  • Edward A.
    16 hours

    That is NOT true

  • Sonia T.
    16 hours

    I just checked the list of women in death row almost the 80% are white but let’s make this racism to excuse crimes. 🙄

  • Carey A.
    17 hours

    White ppl are on death roll..

  • Mel G.
    17 hours

    There are tons of white people - especially men - on death row. What an ignorant statement

  • Emily G.
    18 hours

    This lady is acting like this is the only woman one death row and she is acting like white people or rich black people dont go on death row

  • Jaime M.
    20 hours

    There are PLENTY of prisoners on death row who are white. Sabrina Van Tassel is a flat out liar.

  • Kathie C.
    20 hours

    That's bulshit

  • Robert S.
    a day

    Ted Bundy!!!!

  • Sandra H.
    a day

    Lady ivy thought u were going to make it big then u should not have told a bold face lie right out the gate I will not believe any thing u post shame on you

  • Debbie H.
    a day


  • James T.
    a day

    Lies the whole story