The story of Mona Heidari

At 17 years old, she was beheaded by the man she was forced to marry. A photo of her husband proudly holding her head and a knife was circulated online, causing outrage worldwide. This is the story of Mona Heidari, the latest victim of an "honor killing" in Iran ...

02/20/2022 6:57 PM


  • Lisa C.
    03/12/2022 14:40

    May she rest in peace

  • Linda R.
    03/10/2022 17:17

    What a sick sick guy

  • Tamara K.
    03/09/2022 12:23

    Who cares if it’s a law or not that is just academic! The woman are getting this horrible abuse and death and no one is stopping it!

  • Fathima U.
    03/09/2022 10:57

    It happened since child of Adam but after many centuries Islam correct the mistakes and cousins marriage is not recommended in Islam anymore since then. I don't learn the religion from google but from Quran, Hadith and help of the scholars. If people believe it's from my religion, even after many explanations, what can I do. Only God can show the right path.

  • Magdalena V.
    03/09/2022 07:12

    Oh mi Dios porque sigue pasando esto te pido mi señor por estas mujeres que no merecen morir de esa manera hombres ignorantes

  • EL G.
    03/09/2022 00:42

    Whatever religion, race, country or status.. how can a human being do that to another human beign?? And still take a picture of it and smile and not get punishment?? Not sure if all this lady is true as I have no idea what sharia law is nor does it interest me as I'm not a man of faith of any religion.. all religion talks about peace and love yet humanity has proved time and time again that we are worst than animals and love using politics and religion as a shield for our crimes. This man in the picture and all ppl who belive he is right to behead another person should just simply not exist on this earth... us humans are the worst thing that mother nature has on her.. in some ways we are virus to us and our environment..

  • Yvonne V.
    03/08/2022 19:13

    There is no justification for this crime! The religion of the individuals are between the person and God! When men are dictating what women are, this is discrimination and a crime! It about time men are send to Prison! There is nothing that can be called “honor killing” or justified , this is an aberration of men controlling women! Women are free and their decisions should be respected by all; the family and government! Stop this harassment!

  • Mark V.
    03/08/2022 16:31

    This is why we should never send these foreign countries a dime..they are inhumane and it will never change..yet our leaders funnel them millions to ensure it goes on

  • Patricia M.
    03/08/2022 06:07

    Sounds insane

  • Mike A.
    03/08/2022 02:41


  • Joe T.
    03/08/2022 02:40

    Sicko nothing a bullet couldn't cure.

  • Jennifer J.
    03/07/2022 22:42

    So sad… follow to see more of this brave woman speaking out

  • Clay B.
    03/07/2022 22:37

    If that was the life she was destined to live, she is better off now. Still sad.

  • Corey J.
    03/07/2022 17:01

    And the leaders stand with Putin. So called religious leaders seem to forget there is a HELL for murderers. No matter how many prayers you say. 👹

  • Sydonia S.
    03/07/2022 10:20

    Sounds like they want a sausage fest!!!

  • Rex P.
    03/06/2022 20:55


  • Cindy B.
    03/06/2022 18:01

    This should not be happening! It is insane! Those poor women!

  • Sandra H.
    03/05/2022 23:02

    How can women be so insignificant but at the same time ruin the honor of an entire family when considered disobedient? Only in a man's world.

  • Pam R.
    02/28/2022 09:44


  • Authurine N.
    02/27/2022 09:18

    Sad sad. All must stand up in their country. We can’t come into Iran and do it. It all starts with the people in your own. And then the world can get access to change the law

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