• Steve P.
    09/26/2017 21:19

    The name Abdul or Abdullah means "Slave of God" ... Those who take a knee today, will find themselves in Slavery again 25 years from now ... https://www.facebook.com/ElectTrump2020/videos/787317758084330/

  • Connor B.
    09/25/2017 18:21

    What a bunch of horseshit by 2050 there will more than likely have been at least 2 massive wars resulting in the deaths of milions also there is also the posability of a another genocide attempt videos like this are just a bunch of bollocks the future is always a mystery stop trying to predict it

  • Michael V.
    09/25/2017 17:13

    Stop having soo many damn kids! Close your legs!

  • William C.
    09/25/2017 16:58

    If we make it.

  • Josh D.
    09/25/2017 16:38

    Kitty look it's the future we want lol

  • Nanthawat J.
    09/25/2017 16:19

    Are we factoring in new diseases, disasters and World War 3?

  • Ivan H.
    09/25/2017 15:19

    All of y’all are so negative. What a negative world view. Now I can see why most of the world ain’t happy.

  • Justin S.
    09/25/2017 14:08

    Lmaoooo we're not gonna make it that long

  • Ryan T.
    09/25/2017 12:59

    Don't have more than 3 children! Problem solved

  • Taigen T.
    09/25/2017 12:05

    Gotta send a plague to africa, they dont produce or contribute anything to the world anyways so it won't matter

  • James F.
    09/25/2017 04:31

    And most of the U.S will be black and brown people

  • Evan C.
    09/25/2017 03:37

    It wont

  • Michael M.
    09/25/2017 01:24

    I read in sociology that the reason why people in various parts in Africa have so many children is because they are likely to lose some due to malnutrition or disease.

  • Manny P.
    09/25/2017 00:11

    It will look nothing like this

  • Randy W.
    09/24/2017 22:02

    It may looks?

  • James B.
    09/24/2017 21:17

    False. By 2050 the population will zero.

  • Anthony D.
    09/24/2017 21:17

    Also, larger religions are against birth control so that is another reason for so many births.

  • Michelle A.
    09/24/2017 20:36

    Maybe people should stop having kids and actually take care of the ones who are already here? Like, being mormon and all I think we succeeded the 'multiply and replenish the earth' a long time ago and we seriously need to stop.

  • Dieginho F.
    09/24/2017 20:08

    Cause all the developed country's citizens will understand that the world is overpopulated and there is no need to bring more children into this world to be happy.