These young people are changing the world

These young activists are proof it's never too early to try and save the world. You're welcome baby boomers/Gen X/Gen Y! 👊🌎

02/13/2019 2:58 PMupdated: 08/07/2020 3:25 PM


  • Virginia D.
    02/14/2019 09:57

    There is hope for a better world.

  • Christopher J.
    02/13/2019 20:45

    1. Good cause, bit cheesy but it exposes the male dominance in India. (subscribe to Pewdepie) 2. She shows that you can do more for the environment without forcing people to pay outrageous taxes to rich elites who pollute the earth. 3. This is a helpful way to allow kids to get supplies they need to learn. Plus its his company so it is guaranteed to go to the people he's helping. Good job kid. 4. It's a great cause but I'd fight to allow cannabis like medicine as its proven to fight cancer cells. But it does work well. 5. Propaganda mouthpiece for corporate elites to try and disarm the population and create a police state. Moral of the story, the first four kids are actually doing something to combat a problem. number five is just a political mouthpiece to try to disarm the nation of their right to bear arms. FYI if you want a gun-free world you're going to need guns to get rid of the guns.

  • Basil S.
    02/13/2019 19:07


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