Top 3 solutions for problematic monuments

Still not sure what we should with Confederate statues? These 3 countries found creative solutions for their controversial monuments.

08/22/2017 8:00 PM


  • Jessi A.
    08/24/2017 02:21

    Cynthia Rodriguez

  • Mason G.
    08/23/2017 19:56

    I like the park idea....move all the statues to a park called the "Park of American A-holes"

  • Jarret R.
    08/23/2017 19:43

    U can't compare this bcuz it was Asian on Asian stuff. When the races are different is when it's a racial issue.

  • Nathan G.
    08/23/2017 18:56

    I like the park idea. It's fair

  • Christopher B.
    08/23/2017 17:36

    How about we take down propaganda pushing pages like brut? Since I don't agree with their bs they should not exist.

  • Andrew T.
    08/23/2017 17:30

    There's simply no reason why these should be standing any longer:

  • Ryan B.
    08/23/2017 16:57

    Taking down statues doesn't magically make racism go away. Stupid liberals.

  • Derick F.
    08/23/2017 15:51

    How about leaving them alone?

  • Jose J.
    08/23/2017 15:44

    Well Argentina is mainly European they killed the native population I'd say it's the first white country to fail

  • Lynda R.
    08/23/2017 15:17

    put these statues in a museum as they are part of history not to be glorified but to be though provoking. i visited Czechoslovakia twice while under communist rule and then 8 yrs ago and couldn't believe my eyes . Visiting the Communist Museum was a worthy visit.

  • Ana P.
    08/23/2017 15:13

    How about we find better things to do, rather than worry about statues. Just my opinion though.

  • Brittany A.
    08/23/2017 14:38

    Put them in a museum dang. It's not that hard. What ever happened to compromise?

  • James R.
    08/23/2017 14:23

    Getting rid of the statues will make what happened in the past all disappear! Yay

  • Kyle M.
    08/23/2017 13:55

    Statues have feelings too, stop oppressing them you bigoted white males

  • Josh B.
    08/23/2017 13:43

    Apparently statues aren't the only issue. Hopefully You don't have a name similar to Robert E. Lee. Cause if you do you might lose your job because of it. ESPN literally pulled a guy from a game because of his name. Apparently leftists can't tell the difference between a dead white confederate general and an Asian-American commentator.

  • Roy N.
    08/23/2017 13:09

    Fear the Bern

  • John C.
    08/23/2017 12:52

    What's crazy is people knew damn well what erecting statues ment and STILL means. Folks cannot pretend to be surprised that generations further down would read into what said statues represent and find them repulsive or have some form of opinion in general. It's amazing how many people think things in the world will stay the same forever. Civilizations rise and fall as well as ideas in the same fashions. *shrugs* I'm not saying believing in an older cause is bad (unless it's obviously bad) but I'm saying times change.

  • Munoz V.
    08/23/2017 12:39

    Land fill

  • Birdman B.
    08/23/2017 12:35

    Why wont they put up native american chiefs statues intead of slave owners & rapist?

  • Chaparro C.
    08/23/2017 12:27

    Confederate statutes should be destroyed... Not moved to another place.

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