Trump thanks Putin

Vladimir Putin said 755 US government employees have to leave Russia. President Trump said, "Thanks!"

08/11/2017 2:13 PM


  • Juan G.
    08/13/2017 06:58

    Ornella Brown this guy is disgusting

  • Diamond E.
    08/12/2017 19:38


  • Igor K.
    08/12/2017 17:29

    Dam will you 2 just suck each other off already sick of this circle jerk

  • Richard L.
    08/12/2017 16:56

    Most of those laid off are Russian support staff.

  • David G.
    08/12/2017 16:20

    Best response ever

  • Z. T.
    08/12/2017 16:18

    What a prick, plays into the hands of the adversary and goes b y their whims and fancy. making America the chump again. SMH

  • Dana A.
    08/12/2017 16:05

    Wait, so he's happy that so many people lost their jobs?

  • Shawn J.
    08/12/2017 15:23

    If they're govt employees, they cannot be put off the payroll. Some responses are shocking.

  • Lex T.
    08/12/2017 15:20

    That Was Too Nice! Where Is That Orange?!! Dude Has A Hell Of A Mouth, We All Know This. Why Act Shy Now? Putin Has Him By The Balls!!

  • William J.
    08/12/2017 14:16

    .... smfh...

  • Arturo C.
    08/12/2017 14:08


  • Jared P.
    08/12/2017 13:54

    I would say he is a complete idiot but we already know this.

  • Jess N.
    08/12/2017 13:30

    Make sure you get Trump water in the photo. Way to capitalize off the presidency every way possible.

  • Nellie S.
    08/12/2017 13:20

    I blame Trump voters...

  • J.E. K.
    08/12/2017 13:14

    What a fucking Nincompoop this babyman is!!!!

  • Joseph C.
    08/12/2017 13:05

    Trump thinks Putin can fire federal employees. Those people are all still employed you dumb mf. Maybe he's just letting slip who his boss really is.

  • Holiday E.
    08/12/2017 12:21

    Get rid of Trumpet already..

  • Thomas R.
    08/12/2017 12:15

    Can Putin fire Trump?

  • J P.
    08/12/2017 12:04

    What a hell 755 people doing on the u.s.embassy ?looking at each other!and wondered how democrats wasted out hard tax money besides given it away on welfare too.time to fix this mess .less taxes less handouts.

  • Johnny N.
    08/12/2017 11:48

    Ohh Putin's leash is tight I see

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