Trump vs. Obama Middle East edition

Top 3 things Donald Trump criticized Barack Obama for doing... but that he just did.

05/22/2017 3:30 PM
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  • Luis R.
    05/22/2017 17:39

    Hmm idk if I would call that a bow....but anyways fuck tRump!

  • Alex S.
    05/22/2017 17:40

    Can't help but laugh at the hypocrisy. What a moron

  • Loretta C.
    05/22/2017 17:45

    The man is a walking contradictory idiot

  • Tiphani Y.
    05/22/2017 18:04

    Trump is a clown. 🤡

  • Daniel K.
    05/22/2017 18:05

    He bowed and he curtsied

  • Tye K.
    05/22/2017 18:27

    L O F U C K I N G L

  • William L.
    05/22/2017 18:29

    Eric ...what??? To be honest when you are misinformed like that it hurts your cause or shows your real intent (and many others) , which is to be a Trump apologist. Trump did not say islamic terrorist in the speech. So the only thing you have is the bowing. He was a hypocrite with his complaints about Obama and Michelle over the covering of the head. And he was a hypocrite for the words "islamic terrorist"

  • Antonio R.
    05/22/2017 18:31

    That fucker needs to have a tape recorder everywhere he goes because since he started running for president he's been talking shit to everyone and yet he does the same shit

  • Marcos M.
    05/22/2017 18:37


  • Jose S.
    05/22/2017 18:51

    You see only what you want to see

  • Terrance F.
    05/22/2017 18:52

    Trump will say or do anything for attention.

  • Mark D.
    05/22/2017 18:56

    Can you say hypocrite ?

  • Sam M.
    05/22/2017 19:15

    That was a bow? 😂

  • Derek P.
    05/22/2017 19:18

    So many stupid ppl on this post wow...

  • Michael W.
    05/22/2017 19:20

    Yeah we know he's the biggest hypocrite on the face of earth, doesn't change the fact 20% of the electorate doesn't care about any sort of substance

  • Alma M.
    05/22/2017 19:25

    That tweet said ENUF intead of enough 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • William L.
    05/22/2017 19:27

    Eric Michael Frazier since you blocked me for naming out what you are doing here. So if you ever stop getting upset that you got fact check. This was my reply Because that's what you're doing. [Being a Trump apologists]I'm calling a spade a spade. It's not an insult if that's what you are doing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Enrique Z.
    05/22/2017 19:33

    You forgot golfing!

  • William L.
    05/22/2017 19:35

    For the apologists that are trying to act like Trump didn't contradict himself about saying the words "radical islamic terrorism" . He tried to jump on Obama for not saying it. But now that he did the same you guys wanna jump on the media for just pointing it out. When will you guys learn smh.

  • Ray B.
    05/22/2017 19:37

    Curtsy says it all. #onetermpussydent assuming he's not impeached before then