• Raymond S.
    05/30/2017 00:51

    Got to call out the head scarf. If he's a Muslim, that means she probably is too. So that means she has to wear it. By law of their religion.

  • John M.
    05/29/2017 00:58

    You hipicrite.

  • Meechie W.
    05/27/2017 20:03

    Dennis Bloebaum

  • Jacob D.
    05/27/2017 07:07

    Not a fucking bow bending knees is not a bow bending your waist in front of your body is a bow you people are a special kind of stupid

  • Chris B.
    05/26/2017 18:26

    1- stooping for a medal. 3- he did say it. Even CNN blasted him later for using the term after his camp said they were removing it from the speech.

  • Dana W.
    05/26/2017 10:44

    Dumbass video.

  • Miguel M.
    05/25/2017 05:21

    Como siempre q esperamos de el si es un ignorante con dinero y poder pero ignorante al fin y al cabo

  • Susie G.
    05/24/2017 22:08

    After he accepted the necklace.. It was on his neck.. and he did squat a little while holding his arm lol

  • Peter F.
    05/24/2017 18:13

    Next Brut post: hitler drinked water....and so does trump. Obviously trump is hitler.

  • Samantha B.
    05/24/2017 14:05

    wait for the curtsy babe lol

  • Donna J.
    05/24/2017 00:30

    I can't watch the video.....And i'm glad, because it's ridiculous..... !!!

  • Courtney R.
    05/23/2017 21:30

    He didn't bow🤣😂😂he was putting the necklace on stupid dwmocrats

  • Max S.
    05/23/2017 21:24

    Two things. 1. Michelle refused to wear a head scarf insulting their culture while Melania was told she didn't have to wear one. 2. Trump didn't bow he stopped down so the necklace thing could be put around his neck.

  • Josh H.
    05/23/2017 19:35

    Oh and one more point for the bandwagon people. Everyone was mad at Obama because bowing shows subservience, right? Except if you actually look into other cultures (like most never do) bowing is a greeting or sign of respect. That goes for a lot of cultures not just middle East. But it doesn't matter. Y'all are just gonna keep debating about the useless distractions that are fed to u. Politics in general are so backwards

  • Cayce T.
    05/23/2017 19:07

    Go trump!

  • Ben L.
    05/23/2017 18:18

    I really can't wait until he is gone. I think if he makes it to the debates he will get eaten alive for back peddling on so many things.

  • Brenda H.
    05/23/2017 16:47

    I have glasses and clearly he squat down so the man could put the neckless on him 😝

  • Joey L.
    05/23/2017 16:28


  • Daryn M.
    05/23/2017 16:20

    Y'all still on this Trump Obama BS? He won last year, move on with your fuckin lives you damn losers

  • Luke C.
    05/23/2017 16:18

    here's the thing trumps an asshole yes but he's better then Hillary point blank

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