What is The Crisis in Sudan?

Civil unrest has killed over 100 people in Sudan — but it's just now getting attention in Western media. Here's what you need to know about the crisis and why social media is going #BlueforSudan. 👇

Sudan Humanitarian Crisis

There’s a reason this image is going viral across social media. Sudan is in crisis mode, and the rest of the world is beginning to pay attention. In June, people protesting interim military rule are dispersed violently by paramilitary forces. Over 100 people are killed, 700 people are injured, and Sudanese doctors reported over 70 cases of rape carried out by paramilitary forces according to The Guardian. Harrowing details of rapes by the RSF have emerged in recent days despite restrictions on communications in Sudan, but the extent of the sexual violence has remained unknown.

The civil unrest began in earnest in April, after dictator Omar al-Bashir was ousted from office by the military, 30 years after taking power in his own military coup. People around the world took to social media to bring awareness to the conflict, after decrying the lack of attention by traditional news sources. Many victims have not sought medical treatment, either because of fear of reprisals, insecurity in the city, or because care has been limited. Human rights activists and experts have described the reports of sexual violence as reliable.

As of June 13, the death toll has climbed to 129, and could rise even higher based on data from the Department of State. A top U.S. diplomat will head to the country this week to urge an end to the crackdown. Tibor Nagy, the U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs, plans to meet both members of the military leadership and protest leaders in Khartoum. The military took power after exiling the then president, Omar al-Bashir, after months of mass rallies. The ruling council has since refused protestors demands for an immediate move to civilian rule, instead pushing for a transitional power-sharing understanding.

Sudan’s military leaders have refused to make any concessions since the start of the strike, blaming the country’s protest movement for what they describe as a major threat to the nation and its security.


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    People speak about other countries as if it hasnt happened here. Search for taminadu sterlite shooting, you could see innocents were shot on head for protesting.

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    Bruth India before you call bashar as Dictator go and Check the History of Sudan It was him who took out Sudan people from unstable and Sharia law rule . It is US who is fully responsible from late 90s when no Country agrees to US this is what US do to them Why US attacked on capital of Sudan ? Consequences investors went away leaving Sudan to the economic crises this was not enough they made Another Country south Sudan which lead more economic crises as majority crude oil area went to S sudan . Now People don't want Bashir to continue thus they protested against President thus military came in and removed him from his seat as it was Emergency in Sudan now they have started protesting against Forces . This will Continue till Emergency period and untill next new Government is not formed for that Sudan must be stable atleast for Elections

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