What It's Like to Work at an Amazon Warehouse

"I would put ice on my wrists, on my shoulders, and I would sleep that way hoping that the inflammation would go down in time for my next shift." This is what it's like to work in an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon isn’t Anti-Union, but they aren't Neutral Either

This single mom worked at an Amazon fulfillment center for 6 months in 2017. It's the world’s most valuable company according to CNBC, but Aker said the value Amazon places on its workers is shocking. “There are just all kinds of improvements that can be made, but Amazon doesn't want to make those improvements and make the job more comfortable. Amazon wants to keep its bottom line low. And so, it's really despicable and people really aren't talking about it. I would go home at 6:00 o'clock in the morning after being on for eleven and a half hours and I would literally have to take as many ibuprofen as you're medically able to I would put ice my wrists, on my shoulders and I would sleep that way hoping that the inflammation would go down in time for my next shift and for four weeks it was like that.”

Amazon has more than 600,000 employees worldwide. It remains staunchly anti-union. Despite claims otherwise, this video training video was leaked to the media in 2018. After criticism over low wage standards, Amazon raised their minimum wage to $15/hour in 2018. Aker says this only served to cover up a more discreet way of withholding pay — what is the company calls “voluntary time off.” Workers worldwide protested Amazon’s factory conditions during Prime Day, Amazon’s popular 48-hour sales event according to the Associated Press. Aker says real change will only come when Amazon consumers push the company to do better. “I'm hopeful that Amazon's practices can change. We've seen that they are susceptible to pressure from the outside when Bernie Sanders introduced the Stop Bezos Bill. He really pushed Bezos to bring up the minimum wage. I do think that it's going to have to be a really bottom up grassroots type of campaign to push this.”