Who Are "Yellow Vests" Protesters?

The "Yellow Vests" are changing the face of modern France and more riots are likely this weekend — but who are they and what's with the vests? đŸ€”đŸ‡«đŸ‡·

12/07/2018 6:17 PM


  • Guillo P.
    02/04/2019 06:12

    Less goverment more freedom.

  • Bob M.
    01/12/2019 08:27

    In the sixties a British Parliamentarian predicted this: he said color of skin will b used as uniform.

  • Bob M.
    01/12/2019 08:25

    These are Muslim immigrants burning down France. Good job. France deserves this.

  • Bob M.
    01/02/2019 08:00

    Wrong: France belongs to Nirt African Muslims and blacks not white French. Now puss off and open your eyes.

  • Cameron C.
    12/30/2018 21:59

    Welcome Syrian refugees aftermath đŸ€Ł

  • Robert M.
    12/30/2018 21:51


  • Madison M.
    12/30/2018 04:16

    Just get the guillotine, it worked last time

  • Bill P.
    12/30/2018 03:15

    Coming to USA. We have had enough of Democrats!

  • Bill T.
    12/30/2018 01:02

    Remove your damn leader!!!

  • Barbara Z.
    12/29/2018 17:36

    Agree with Nancy Webb - this could be America if Traitor T-Rump isn't removed from office along with all of his associates, co-defendants, and family!

  • Steven M.
    12/29/2018 03:48

    Idiots, socialism is finally catching up to them, nothing in life is free, eventually the people will have to pay. That will be the United States once the liberals have complete control

  • Julio P.
    12/28/2018 23:27

    En puerto rico muchos cuponeros

  • Adam W.
    12/28/2018 19:46

    Can't say I blame them

  • Chloe B.
    12/25/2018 16:19


  • Stanley M.
    12/24/2018 18:51

    Typical socialist!!! They want everything for free without working for it and then when they find out socialism doesn’t work they resort to violence when someone suggests that they have to pay for it!!! This is what Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton want for America!!!

  • Gerald F.
    12/24/2018 18:40

    So protesting against higher gas taxes- higher costs- wealth equality?? Do they understand the reason for higher taxes is the socialist EU and French government ? The socialist programs funding has to come from somewhere- they just want wealthier people to pay for everything. Perhaps if they’d let responsible free markets generate wealth- they wouldn’t be taxed into oblivion.

  • Steven K.
    12/24/2018 17:08

    Socialism works?

  • Hugh B.
    12/24/2018 01:46

    This is what socialism a letting Muslims in your country does.

  • David J.
    12/23/2018 20:52

    Protesting globalism and high taxes for all that "free" stuff

  • Fabian C.
    12/23/2018 16:49

    america needs more of THIS

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