Who Are "Yellow Vests" Protesters?

The "Yellow Vests" are changing the face of modern France and more riots are likely this weekend — but who are they and what's with the vests? 🤔🇫🇷

12/07/2018 6:17 PM
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  • Md J.
    12/07/2018 18:20


  • Francisco H.
    12/07/2018 18:27

    U r going down macron

  • Tom S.
    12/07/2018 18:48

    Caltrans workers?

  • Lucia P.
    12/07/2018 18:50


  • Nevin S.
    12/07/2018 23:10

    Globalisation ihas FALIED- death to the EU

  • Darrylcrockett B.
    12/07/2018 23:56

    Beautiful, That's revolution

  • Darrylcrockett B.
    12/07/2018 23:57

    Bring down corrupt and wicked systems.

  • Nancy W.
    12/08/2018 14:57

    Only a matter of time before THIS IS AMERICA

  • Daniel I.
    12/08/2018 15:10

    I'm very proud of you people of France. Viva La Revolution.

  • Keqin C.
    12/08/2018 16:03

    are we going to have a problem?

  • Michelle L.
    12/08/2018 16:38

    There are always going to be those who “join” for all the wrong reasons / it does not invalidate the people who are fighting for basic human rights. Average people are tired of being the stepping stones of the rich - government is supposed to be for ALL the people - it’s time to make them responsible for the work they get paid for by the citizens they are put their to serve.

  • Cal R.
    12/08/2018 17:43

    vests are to distract and hide within ... not get caught ...

  • Crystal K.
    12/08/2018 17:58

    oh gosh

  • Gass B.
    12/09/2018 00:18

    This is happening by Saudi king money he looks behind the window

  • Darcy B.
    12/09/2018 14:24

    Funny... Brut...never mentioned immigration in the video.

  • Demian J.
    12/09/2018 16:53


  • Joe W.
    12/10/2018 02:22

    I wonder if they got people there that joke about running them over, or ask if they have jobs to be at, or if they call them racist names and point out that they are just destroying there own things? Cause that how we treat each other in America when a group tries to protest anything! It’s sad really. Imagine the changes if we united together like the French.

  • John A.
    12/10/2018 08:03

    See how whites fight for their rights we blacks would be here making noise in Facebook nothing physical hypocrites

  • Eugene M.
    12/10/2018 13:12

    A lot of money is paying for refugees.

  • Ali D.
    12/10/2018 15:07

    Ver coşkuyu Avrupa