Who is Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

“Ukraine will not abandon its freedom.” That was the Ukrainian president’s message after Russia started attacking his country. Now, he says he’s become Russia’s “target number 1.” Who is Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

02/25/2022 1:23 PM


  • George Y.
    04/23/2022 05:32

    You will always win..🇵🇬

  • Andrew W.
    03/27/2022 11:20

    Is it true that he is a Man who brought trouble into his beautiful peace loving country, legalising lawlessness and evil. going around recruiting everyone to join the he a partner of the west potus- head of g7, the beast. Mephisto depicted in the visions of ghostrider 1 and resident evil final chapter? Is the drying of the river Euphrates a symbolic, meaning cutting supplies from reign of kingdom united against righteousness hence Uk-reigning territory. Is it true that ukraine was a 'hunting' ground for bdn and allies? Is the Russian coat of arm flag showing g7 dragon crushed, telling us about the endgame? will the black sea disappear after asteroid of nuclear ending the kingdom of the beast with its image made of gold,silver,bronze, iron and clay(oil)? Does the yesterday speech ring a bell to everyone with spiritual discernment? Are we seeing Daniel 11 prophecies? Just asking

  • Esat M.
    03/18/2022 15:48

    I taka si zelen sega uste poveke pozelene ti so putin li ke se meris mocko eden

  • Edward B.
    03/15/2022 07:20

    A National hero! Nations, please help his country out!

  • Divonsir F.
    03/10/2022 00:52

    admiro sua coragem, apesar do mundo ter feito como pilatus e lavado as maos para a ucrania vc estao lutando bravamente e o russo porco pagarta cada vida perdida pelas atrocidades dele

  • Bhekezela M.
    03/09/2022 21:41

    Remember the story of David and Goliath in the Bible

  • Шавкат У.
    03/07/2022 01:54

    Вот дибил

  • Ennen K.
    03/06/2022 17:12

    Freedom what now? U mean oppression under criminal rule? Aha… непокидайте украіну, нейдіть в канаду бо обявили шо всі украінці будуть сидіти в корантинних кампах під закритими дверима ! Неполучите ні свободи ні грошей ні допомоги. Йдіть додому і викійде йе зеленське хуйло яке негодне справитись нізчим 🤨

  • Dinesh P.
    03/05/2022 03:06

    Ukraine should understand Russia's worry.

  • Dinesh P.
    03/05/2022 03:05

    Why NATO is expanding its group it is violation of NATO commitment.

  • Dinesh P.
    03/05/2022 03:03

    Why are you not understand Putin worry .It is your fault.

  • Renato F.
    03/03/2022 20:10

    Pagliaccio arrogante

  • Kent E.
    03/03/2022 16:28

    Just surrender and submit to Russia do it for your people because they suffer to much just for your decision to join NATO

  • Rachel A.
    03/03/2022 04:50

    Just a comedian...

  • Rodriguez R.
    03/03/2022 04:36

    Why are people laughing at these comments like it funny cause this is not funny at all there innocent people dying and people are sitting here laughing at other people comments like if funny it not funny at all there’s a war going on where little kids and people are dying that funny that not funny at all … pray for Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦❤️❤️

  • Dingman S.
    03/03/2022 02:59

    Sir save your people and country. Resign resign to stop war.

  • Jo B.
    03/02/2022 22:48

    He will be No 1, that's a fact.

  • Balu G.
    03/02/2022 18:24

    He is sleeper cell terrorist

  • Shah A.
    03/02/2022 16:31

    🖕 ukraine

  • Draken M.
    03/02/2022 13:16

    i only see u joking cause ur comedian 😂😂😂

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