Women share all the things they do to stay safe

"This is for anyone who thinks women are being a little dramatic when we say we have to go to full extremes to basically be left alone." Women share all the things they do to stay safe ...

03/20/2021 12:58 PM


  • Arielle W.
    3 days

    That’s why I will be purchasing a gun in the near future

  • Dawn B.
    5 days

    If you’re going to make someone delete a photo off of their phone that they just took, you may also want to see if they have a photo drive that automatically backs up every picture they take

  • Wyatt L.
    6 days

    A glock and a dog will do wonders in safety

  • Mitchell E.
    04/14/2021 09:32

    A lot of stories can be seen on the TV show.

  • Darcy L.
    04/09/2021 01:19

    I had a horrible experience when I was 15 on the train. Two guys just walked up to me as I was sitting there and started feeling me up. I got up and walked away from them moving to the next car, but they followed me and continued to touch my breasts and buttocks. I yelled "Stop!" but no one assisted me. Everyone just sat there unaffected. So the moment the train stopped at the station, I calculated the moment when the doors were closing and jumped through just before they closed. I got away. 1976 in NYC on the F train. Will never forget that.

  • Holly M.
    04/04/2021 14:04

    I was 6 months pregnant and a much younger guy kept calling out to me when I walked towards my car and I acted like I didn’t hear him and drove away to the other side of town and when I came out of the super market he was waiting by my car kept asking for my number I said no I’m pregnant and he literally said Oh I won’t tell if you won’t 🤮 I was terrified as he just kept badgering me standing between me and my car. I ended up walking away until he left then I was super careful about driving around until I was sure it was safe to go home and that he wasn’t following me 🥺 this was 13 years ago still makes me feel ill. I’ve had more experiences but that one and then one where I had my young daughter with me and an older man followed us around a shop eventually he managed to get close and touched my butt and I was to scared to say anything in case he got violent in front of my child 🤷🏻‍♀️ it bloody sucks.

  • Corprus P.
    04/02/2021 11:04

    I used to be the "pretend to be your boyfriend, friend, etc" type to help, but I've met so many dishonest women, that lie or exaggerate something to make their crazy point, or just make someone look bad. Reading through these comments, I see a lot of crazy finger pointing and assuming.... really disgusting how a bunch of ignorant scarred people can comfortably make the entire opposite gender sound evil.

  • Ben B.
    04/01/2021 20:31

    It says something about our Society that women have so many stories like this. My sister lived and worked in Tokyo for two years and said she always felt safe there, in whatever part of the city and whatever time.

  • Shandra H.
    04/01/2021 19:12

    So a person wrote this as a comment to my story. ------- Don't want to be rude... but that guys must be some different level of pervert... yuk. He went for you? Should keeps such freaks out of the streets. ---- Ab Pandit He feels so entitled as a man to comment like this. For the record Yes...I am a plus side girl Yes...I do know I am a plus size girl No...people who like plus size girls are nit perverts. Only those who do not take no for an answer response does not hurt me as your opinion of me does not matter. Yes- I am laughing at the fact that you think that a total stranger...thinks you have the right to shame me. Yes...I do get hit on. I am a great person who tries to make the world better. And people would rather be with a person who is kind and caring to others than one who only cares about looks. Anyway, I thought all you lady would laugh at his issue with me. Keep being fierce ladies

  • Kayla A.
    03/30/2021 23:00

    When I was in high school I went on a walk and was a couple miles from my house to go to the store. Guy starts slowing down in his car to cat call and yell at me. He would disappear and then circle back again to follow me. So I ran the last few blocks into the Safeway and literally just wandered the aisles of safeway for like an hour. Thankfully he didnt follow me or wait for me but I'm literally too scared to go on long walks alone now.

  • Madeline G.
    03/30/2021 19:13

    The one that sticks out to me most was walking to my placement early 20s. Had both headphones in, this guy tried to say hello. I ignored him, walked on and kept walking. Not a great area. And no money for a cab (not that I have to justify anything). Walled down the street, turned right, walked down that road, crossed said road, kept walking. Needed to cross a bigger road so I checked before crossing it aaaaand.... The guy had followed me. I thought something was wrong, seeing as I was in nursing, so asked what was up. He just grinned, asked why I was running away from him and started complimenting me. I was so upset. Beyond upset. Luckily the placement was a minute away so I kept walking, but he still followed, kept touching my shoulders, my lower back, sped up when I did. Touched my bum, reached across and lifted my name tag (stroking my breast as he did so). I got to the placement and he just walked off. Cops, thankfully, took it seriously. Went all the way to court but he was found not guilty. Never found out why.

  • Garret F.
    03/29/2021 14:57

    Talk about paranoia jeez, maybe stop reading into things, que Sera Sera whatever will be will be, stop trying to prevent it, otherwise something will end up happening.

  • Raihana R.
    03/29/2021 03:52

    I once asked for a help from my guy friend to just gimme a few miscall on my phone during a meeting with a colleague. I put my phone on the table where he can clearly glimpse. When he saw a guy name came up, he immediately asked "your boyfriend?" i said yes in an instance. Loud and clear. He still dont give up but its getting less extreme. But its okay, thats a first step.

  • Preston G.
    03/29/2021 03:46

    girls are smart but that doesn’t stop men from being baboy

  • Caity G.
    03/28/2021 12:37

    This video breaks my heart because I have done EVERY SINGLE tactic mentioned. What is more heart breaking is the comments! Every single female at one point or another has felt unsafe at the hands of a male! "NO" doesn't mean "Please Convince Me" MEANS NO!!!! I have been followed, I have been raped at gun point, raped while passed out in what I thought was a safe space. I have been attempted to be abducted, I have been assaulted physically and verbally. I have pretended to know another female who was alone and being followed. I have brought a girl onto the dance floor into our group who wasn't being left alone by a guy to help her. I send love, strength and healing to all who have suffered trauma as well as strength to every women today and everyday...continue being strong, independent, empowered and SAFE💞💞

  • Robert M.
    03/28/2021 09:27

    Doesn't anyone have a story where they confronted a man with words or does everyone just run away when they think they are being 'hunted'?

  • Danielle D.
    03/28/2021 00:28

    Yeah that underage thing never works. In the same breath adult men ask me if I’m in high school while hitting on me. It’s disturbing and disgusting.

  • Boatbuilder L.
    03/27/2021 14:07


  • Sarah T.
    03/27/2021 10:27

    can you start leaving hairs in your Uber

  • Chris H.
    03/27/2021 07:00

    Teenage and 12 yr old girls also have to worry about their girlfriends stabbing them with knives in Wisconsin and Tennessee and leaving them for dead. Ladies, I was molested by a 18yr old female and a 15 yr old female when I was 12. I had my butt grabbed hard with both hands in a bar by a beautiful blond like the one in the video in my 20s and was date raped by a woman I was dateing in my 30s. Women are sexual predators too. Just look at the boys who are preyed upon by their female teachers in grade school and middle school. There was recently a man who saved a young boy who was being led off by a strange woman and he called the cops, the boy did not know the woman. Remember Casey Anthony and that Smith woman who murdered their children so they could party more and get along better with their new boyfriend. Or the women in Houston and West Virginia who slaughtered their children. Yes women are monsters too. Stop being hypocrites. We have to fear you too. For many reasons I havnt even listed, but I don't want to write a book!

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