3 Biggest Culprits of Carbon Emissions

These three industries are to blame for 70 percent of carbon pollution.👇

The 3 Biggest Culprits in Carbon Emissions

10 Democratic contenders took to the stage as Hurricane Dorian threatened the East Coast and at a time when the impact of a warming Earth is no longer just a vision of a disastrous future but is increasingly visible. Dropping behemoth climate plans has become a near-expectation in the 2020 Democratic field. Candidates pulled heavily from those documents as Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren promoted the progressive policies in their Green New Deal-style plans, while front-runner and former Vice President Joe Biden offered up a moderate’s take on climate action. Though Warren and Sanders are regarded as the most left leaning among Democratic 2020 candidates, the town hall enlightened some differences between the two as well. Sen. Elizabeth Warren brought up the 3 major industries that contribute most to climate change at a CNN Town Hall:

The Building Industry

Commercial and residential buildings account for roughly 39% of carbon emissions in the U.S. Buildings also use 70% of U.S. electricity based on data from Environmental and Energy Study Institute. In 2019 in New York City alone there are 16 new skyscrapers under construction based on an article from The New York Times.

The Electric Power Industry

In 2018, the electric power sector emitted 1,763 million metric tons of carbon dioxide — or about 33% of total energy-related emissions in the U.S. Coal power is the biggest culprit contributing 1,150 million metric tons of carbon single handedly based on a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The Oil Industry

Greenhouse gas emissions from the production of oil and gas amount to a staggering 5,200 million tonnes as reported by the International Energy Agency. The oil and gas industry also spend over $100 million a year on political lobbying in consonance with Open Secrets.