3 Hurricane Relief Efforts in the Bahamas

These are the people and organizations who have come to the rescue after Hurricane Dorian devastated The Bahamas — including one former "Real Housewives" star.

Unprecedented devastation & relief

The Bahamas has been devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Here are 3 remarkable efforts to help the country recover and rebuild.

World Central Kitchen - Chef Jose Andres was one of the first people on the scene with an army of volunteers, serving 20,000 meals a day to victims and first responders. “Right now behind me is the sandwich line so we are making today over 15-thousand sandwiches. Also, inside the kitchen we are making hot food. We are making roasted potato with beef and we're making 20-thousand of those. They're going to be distributed to Freeport and to Abaco. We have a real chef cooking and taking care of the dish, not just nutrition, calories but something that bring a smile to the people who get the food,” Javier Garcia explains.

Cruise Lines - Multiple cruise lines in the area are helping to transport evacuees and disaster relief workers. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Lines evacuated over 1,500 people to Florida. “Already we've received two cruise ships, thousands of folks that we have processed, flights are coming in constantly. We've deployed additional folks out to even the small airports. We're reaching out to the aviation companies and corporations to coordinate. We're coordinating with the cruise ships every single day to make sure we can do that effectively in a timely process,” said Mark Morgan Acting Commissioner, CBP. Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Carribean have said they’ll use ships to deliver food, water, and supplies to the islands.

Bethenny Frankel - The former star of The Real Housewives of New York City gathered and delivered thousands of pounds of supplies and has been using Instagram to raise awareness for people’s needs. Instagram: @bethennyfrankel: This is an immeasurable crisis. Keep donating. I am back in Florida again to coordinate logistics and raise enough money for a significant rebuild.

There are major ways to help the Bahamas recover from the unprecedented devastation from monster hurricane Dorian. Donate money, goods or time.