5 Ways to Not Stop a Hurricane

Nukes. đŸ’„ Ice. ❄ Orgasms? 😏 Believe it or not, these five methods were considered to stop hurricanes.

No, you can't just nuke a storm

In 1959, meteorologist Jack Reed suggested a submarine could travel underwater to penetrate the eye of a hurricane then detonate a nuclear missile. That idea persists to this day . But in addition to the nuclear fallout, a nuke simply wouldn’t be powerful enough.

An orgasm-powered cloudbuster

In the early 1950s, psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, believed he could absorb “orgone energy” —the energy of an orgasm — to control the weather. Reich developed cloudbuster machines aiming to shoot orgone at the sky and stop hurricanes. The theory was dismissed by Albert Einstein, and Reich was jailed for breaking an FDA injunction.

Dropping ice

In 1947, Nobel laureate Irving Langmuir led a US military experiment to seed Hurricane King with ice, hoping to sap it. Pilots dropped a 180-pound payload of crushed dry, ice but the hurricane eventually made landfall in Savannah, Georgia.

Laser strikes

Robert Dickinson, a senior weapons researcher at the U.S. National Hurricane Centre suggested hitting tropical storms with lasers from an airplane. Laser strikes would make the eye to disintegrate. Unfortunately, experts poured cold water on the laser theory, too.

Shooting them up

In 2017, as Hurricane Irma was due to hit Florida. Gun-owner Ryon Edwards suggested residents should shoot at the hurricane. Thousands of people responded to the mass shooting event he created on Facebook — prompting response from the Pasco County sheriff’s office. TWEET: To clarify, DO NOT shoot weapons @ #Irma. You won't make it turn around & it will have very dangerous side effects.

Unfortunately, hurricanes are a natural part on this planet. Every weather phenomenon has a purpose. Hurricanes, fronts, highs and lows all come together to balance the earth's energy and temperature, so stopping one of these vital components could have lasting effects down the line.