Australian senator calls out his colleagues for failing to protect the ocean

"You think it's funny that our oceans are dying?" Australian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson made it clear just how angry he was about his government's failure to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

Aussie politicians laughing it up in public over climate change

Australians have taken notice that the conservative side of politics have continued what seems to be the running gag of climate change for the during a motion by Senator Peter Whish-Wilson calling for recognition of Australia’s climate scientists. Whish-Wilson told the floor and later posted on social media, that it was “the angriest I have ever been in the Senate” as he watched members of the house openly mock climate scientists. Liberal Senator James McGrath stood to read what appeared to be his party’s talking points in a deadpan monotone stopping a number of times to smirk and chuckle.

Leader of the Australian Conservatives Party, Cory Bernardi, rose to make a point of order, informing the house that it was, in fact, he who had been raucously laughing. Presumably, he was concerned the people who voted him in would be upset if he wasn’t earning his base pay of $199,040 a year by chuckling his way through Senate motions. It’s been part of a trend in Australian politics for conservatives to openly mock, laugh and ridicule climate change, even as the Great Barrier Reef bleaches and dies, even as we notch up record hot year after record hot year, even as natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma increase in frequency and intensity worldwide.

When asked about climate change in June 2019 by a Liberal colleague, Australian Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg had a good laugh. He spent 30 seconds answering the question and then two-and-a-half minutes openly laughing about an interview where Labor MP Andrew Leigh mentioned climate change could have an impact on the ski season. And it’s not just in public that politicians are laughing it up. If the world ends it might not be with a bang this time, but with a chuckle.