• Jerry W.
    05/03/2022 17:28

    The crypto market is moving to a direction where by if you carry out trades you’ll make 10 times your initial capital within 120 hours(5 days) that's a minimum of $10,000 Weekly. Thats why I'm encouraging everyone to get started in forex market, if you are interested ask me HOW?

  • Yashwant S.
    05/03/2022 13:34

    Tsunami in 2023, massive war in 2024 and complete peace after 2025 - My prediction... 😎🤏

  • Karthigaidipam
    05/03/2022 11:13

    Well, why whine now when we gotta face the consequences of being the most idiotic of all species!

  • Soumo C.
    05/03/2022 09:42

    fake news i leve in Kolkata nothing happened here

  • Aseem B.
    05/03/2022 08:02

    Scary to say the least😱

  • Bhavana R.
    05/03/2022 07:51

    We all Indian suffer and see the results nowadays

  • Hanabi's S.
    05/03/2022 07:41

    bc Pakistan kb doobega?

  • Chris S.
    12/18/2021 23:38


  • Jason M.
    11/11/2021 11:07

    Fox News says it’s fake

  • Chris S.
    11/11/2021 02:39

    There have been MORE years with NO ICE at the POLES than with ice. We have also had SNOWBALL earth. GET OVER IT! Climate change is a NATURAL PHENOMENON! SHOVE YOUR CHICKEN LITTLE CRAP!!!

  • Vicky R.
    10/26/2021 13:59

    And funnily no Arabian countries will be affected hahahaha only western countries and India Bangladesh..etc. Dubai is digging sea and making land in the sea. What will happen to Dubai and other countries of UAE ??? Will they not be under water ?? Laughable half knowledge

  • Brian B.
    10/18/2021 07:09

    When all else fails, blame Donald Trump.

  • Kaye D.
    10/11/2021 03:38

    But the reversed has happened before too. I can't believe people are so arrogant just think they can actually control nature..

  • Maxi R.
    10/10/2021 22:40

    Alot of this is false.

  • Roger H.
    10/08/2021 19:14

    Wrong. The Northern ice is mostly floating so won’t increase sea level when it melts. Only ice on the land of Antarctica would cause a small rise in sea level. World temperatures were only starting to get measured in the 1800s a time of a mini cold spell. Comparing temperature against that data is misleading. We need honest, real science, not propaganda paid for by “Special interest groups”. If your research doesn’t match the approved “Model” your “Funding” is withdrawn. Follow the money. Most of it is crookery and double dealing.

  • Stevie H.
    10/08/2021 18:35

    Still there!

  • MJ R.
    10/04/2021 06:33

    Too sad…..

  • Norrie B.
    10/02/2021 19:48

    If water expands by 10% when frozen then area covered by ice will decrease by 10% if temperatures rose. If all the ice melted the sea levels will fall rather than rise.

  • Sasha M.
    10/01/2021 13:47

    Australian easy coast looks ok. Since most of our oxygen comes from the oceans. Won't this be a good thing to overcome co2 in the atmosphere.

  • Sasha M.
    10/01/2021 13:40

    Bring it on. It's the ultimate population problem solver.

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