Meanwhile in the Fight Against Climate Change

Meanwhile, in the fight against climate change... Coldplay, Jane Fonda and Javier Bardem — they go beyond speeches and take concrete actions. Here's how.

Celebrities are stepping up to fight environmental destruction through storytelling and activism

Jane Fonda is the founder of Fire Drill Fridays, a weekly protest against the US government's inaction on climate change. Jane Fonda has made a habit of getting arrested for protesting inaction on climate change in Washington, D.C., in 2019, but the actress and activist made sure to avoid the plastic cuffs a few times while others led the action. Meanwhile, Coldplay has decided to give up touring for at least one year for environmental reasons. Between 2016 and 2017, Coldplay has performed 122 concerts across 5 continents according to the BBC’s calculations. It represents a permanent team of 109 people and 32 trucks. The group now wishes for carbon neutrality.

Coldplay, who has just released its 8th album, will only be performing one concert, on November 25 in London. All proceeds will be donated to an environmental protection association. This environmentalist militant in handcuffs is Jane Fonda, an icon of American cinema. Meanwhile, in Washington, every Friday or almost, since October, Jane Fonda has been leaving Capitol Hill under arrest for disturbing the peace to the cheers of other climate activists. Despite risking going back to prison for repeat offences, the actress does not intend on stopping her civil disobedience actions.

In a mini submarine is Javier Bardem. with the NGO Greenpeace, the Spanish actor travelled to Antarctica in 2018 to warn of the ravages of global warming and intensive fishing. He continues to fight this battle today. He is notably demanding an international treaty to protect the oceans and create a global network of marine sanctuaries. Bardem forgoes his dramatic chops to produce and narrate this nonfiction work about preserving marine life in the increasingly warming Antarctic.