One of the most beautiful bridges in the world

This amazing bridge looks like something out of a fairy tale. But it really does exist in a natural park in Germany.

Crossing the aging relic is prohibited in order to preserve it

It’s like something out of a fairy tale but this bridge really does exist. Considered one of the most beautiful in the world, it was hand-built during the second half of the 19th century. Found in eastern Germany, it’s about 6 kilometers from the border with Poland. Located in a natural park open to all, great care is taken with its appearance so as not to disturb the site’s beauty. On each end of the bridge, basalt columns have been placed to imitate natural structures found elsewhere in the country. The bridge itself is built entirely from a variety of local stones. To ensure it fits harmoniously with the landscape, the arch has been carefully designed to form a full circle when reflected in the water. This feature has made the bridge famous and a tourist attraction.

While the bridge (as with all the others) was created by mortal hands, its builders did seem to hold the aesthetics of the bridge in higher regard than its utility. Either end of the Rakotzbrücke is decorated with thin rock spires created to look like natural basalt columns, which occur in many places in Germany. In addition, the curvature of the bridge is designed to be one half of a perfect circle, so that when the waters are still and the light is right, it creates the illusion of a complete stone circle. The bridge is best visited during the fall when the foliage adds an element of wonder to the already surreal view. This bridge is located in Kromlauer Park in Eastern Germany and is best accessed by driving. While viewing the bridge is welcome, crossing the bridge is strictly prohibited. As of June 2018, the bridge was reported as being under renovation. Today, it’s forbidden to cross the bridge to avoid damaging it. Called Rakotzbrücke, it is also known as “the Devil’s Bridge”.

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