Sri Lanka: new measures against deforestation

A ban on chainsaw imports and new sawmills. These are the new measures that the President of Sri Lanka has decided to take in an effort to protect the country's forests.

To fight deforestation, the Sri Lankan president forbids the import of chainsaws

Chainsaw imports and new sawmills have been banned in Sri Lanka to halt the mass deforestation affecting the country. President Maithripala Sirisena has just announced the adoption of these measures.

Every year, the forest in Sri Lanka shrinks by about 1.5%. The excessive exploitation of wood threatens biodiversity and affects water resources. The current president has made fighting this problem a priority.
In early 2019, to fight this trafficking, officials required users of chainsaws to declare them to the police. The result: 82,000 reported in 3 weeks.

Now, the government has banned the import of new chainsaws without specifying whether the ones already in the country would be affected. In another development, sawmill owners will receive help to switch to a new trade. At the same time, the country encourages the planting of forests. The goal is to increase Sri Lanka’s forest cover by 14%.