The "false solutions" to the climate crisis

This bestselling author is calling out billionaires like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos for their 'false solutions' to the climate crisis.

05/10/2021 5:40 PMupdated: 05/10/2021 10:50 PM


  • Kevin W.
    11/10/2021 08:44

    Something tells me you like your AC in the summer and heat in the winter. Are you willing to give them? How about your food, clothing and walk everywhere?

  • Takkim
    11/07/2021 14:27

    And they will bring the same species that cause the destruction on earth,what a plan...

  • Paul D.
    11/05/2021 01:53


  • M K.
    10/30/2021 12:16

    They did their bit before.. Using renewable energy. But the world at large won't change. Main culprit are the war machines, ships and planes.

  • Amron A.
    10/21/2021 10:23

    Politician should shutt the fff up and start follow the one of the solution Elon Musk say. Yeah human can't fly that what people say when they saw brother Wright before.

  • Meruem S.
    10/21/2021 03:06

    just kill others, human make 10killings can decrease all this shit around the world so start killing others

  • Jr T.
    10/14/2021 12:12

    Yeah Its their money so Yeah they will do want they but for now lets enjoy this times because near future we might suffer more

  • مهم م.
    10/04/2021 01:56

    Hightech Urban planning with individual environment friendly electricity generator.

  • Donnie H.
    09/23/2021 20:39

    Oh no billionaires want to go to space the world must definitely be ending it's proven science of rock people want to do something it's because the world is doing although humans aren't even affecting this planet in that way carbon dioxide plant food is killing the planet

  • Sam Y.
    09/13/2021 13:09

    They’ve never said that. Stop talking shit

  • Jean C.
    08/28/2021 11:11

    Watch the documentary, 'Kiss the Earth' There are viable solutions. I doubt whether anyone will enjoy living on Mars.

  • Lai G.
    08/26/2021 15:05

    Selfish nutjobs with money, that's what they are. Find sustainable ways instead of supporting ego maniacs like them.

  • Mucka V.
    08/26/2021 11:14

    I agree with one point - we need to do it right away! Wonder how much energy to print your book?!

  • Mucka V.
    08/26/2021 11:13

    You can’t plant enough trees in short enough time to absorb the surplus of carbon before it’s too late ... gotta suck it with wind or solar powered machines. Demands a lot of energy, but it is absolutely necessary if we want to cool the earth down to stable levels.

  • Mucka V.
    08/26/2021 11:09

    Carbon capture is now absolutely necessary. We’re too far gone to just stop releasing the carbon, we have overshot the safe quantities of carbon in the air, so we have to capture the excess to get back to stable climate. If we succeed in this fight of our species, we will have learned so much, and will be able to regulate our planetary climate for millennia to come. If we’re smart and have a portion of our humanity with all our accumulated knowledge in space or even better, on another planet, then we may someday even reach another star ... you cannot focus on just one thing, you have to step back and see the big picture. What you are doing here and in your book, is misleading and dangerous, but hey: you get the money from the sales and move up to 1% group, laughing all the way 🤮

  • Mucka V.
    08/26/2021 11:00

    Bezos, yes, profit only. But Elon risks all of his money to create two planet, space faring humanity. Not because the earth is doomed, he is working towards saving earth too - Tesla, Solar City... He is not having biggest tech firm to fall back on if NASA doesn’t award him measly 10 billion (measly for Bezos, that is - he has hundreds of that sort of money lying around). Why don’t you focus on the real problem: consumerism oriented monetary values only system, that ignores natural resources as ‘externalities’ - read any economics book. That system creates billionaires, on the backs of all others, corporations like big oil that takes billions in subsidies of our tax money so it can CREATE climate change, and post quarterly profits at their board meetings, clapping each other on their backs on how nice is to live in the world where all focus goes in the wrong direction 👍 Your presentation is only picking up snapshots, false claims and sensational items to promote the book you would like to make your millions with. Hypocrite 🤮

  • Βασίλης Κ.
    08/26/2021 09:08

    I saw no crazy solutions than the usual ones. You don't expect to cut emissions just like that or to plant trees. You can't go full solar panel (plus their *batteries exists* more pollution I say) overall this topic is much more complex to just give 3 generic solutions and call it a day, or judge others who do spend their money trying to do their thing creating more pollution in the process. P.s if u see Elon and Bezos as some kind of saviors you have problems.

  • El M.
    08/26/2021 07:07

    Sounds well but we all know who actually dictates the rules over world trading, these millionaires doesn't really care ay all about human progresa or health, that's why they're going fore onto the space Conquest

  • Nthing T.
    08/25/2021 16:39

    Solar radition management or cloud seeding is the exact reason why we now have huge climate issues. It has been going on since the nineties. Wake up people.

  • Nthing T.
    08/25/2021 16:39

    America have not been to the moon since 1972....... still waiting

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