• Tatiana G.
    11/14/2018 06:42

    Russia leased forests to China. So they are rapidly cutting down trees. Also the government destroys nature for the sake of business, gas pipelines, etc.

  • Taipan S.
    11/12/2018 00:51


  • Yao C.
    11/11/2018 15:24

    I'm surprised China is not among them. Chinese people only know reproduction, deprive more and more resources. They have huge population yet is one of the most worthless species. The other one is India

  • Derek C.
    11/09/2018 13:36

    I wonder how many idiots will fall for the Trump approved to put an oil well in remark these dipshits slid in there? Approval of an oil well,,,,,,,, in an oil field, yeah thats kinda what goes there. That's the only thing in the north slope/Prudhoe Bay

  • Murtaza A.
    11/09/2018 11:16


  • Matthias D.
    11/08/2018 15:51

    good going, Mr Trump ! NOT !

  • Maria M.
    11/08/2018 15:05

    "Shh..don't tell anyone", the animals

  • Pat W.
    11/08/2018 14:16

    Canada is doing its best to deforest its lands..... won't be long before there's not much forest left.

  • Holly P.
    11/08/2018 10:37

    we need to visit these!!

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