The Sagano Bamboo Forest, a magical experience in Kyōto

This is a unique experience for your eyes and ears. Walking through a peaceful bamboo forest in the heart of Kyōto. Welcome to the Sagano Bamboo Forest.

A change of scenery for your eyes and ears

In the Sagano Bamboo Forest, in the heart of Kyoto, thousands of bamboos grow side-by-side. To immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere, you must venture deep into the Arashiyama district, where traditional buildings sit alongside vegetation. One of the entrances is located next to Tenryu-ji, a Buddhist temple listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You then discover this astonishing forest.

On each side, bamboo grows several tens of meters high. The path, about 500 meters long, can be travelled on foot or by bicycle. This emerald-green setting is very popular with photographers. But it also offers a sound experience, the wind makes the stems rattle and the leaves rustle. These sounds create such a peaceful and unique atmosphere that it’s been listed in the "100 Soundscapes of Japan" since 1996. This list was developed by the Ministry of Environment in an effort to preserve important sounds of Japanese culture.

On the other side of the forest, you can visit Okochi-Sanso Villa, which is known for its beautiful traditional gardens. This bamboo grove, very popular with visitors, is particularly magical in December, during "Hanatôro" which means "the flower and light road" in Japanese. For the occasion, the bamboo grove and the rest of the neighborhood are decorated with numerous lanterns. Local workshops make bamboo handicrafts, which are then sold in shops around the forest.