The Teen Activist Leading #EarthUprising

Environmental activist Alexandria Villaseñor is a leading figure in the U.S. climate change movement — and she's only 13-years-old. 🌎♻️

We are in a climate emergency. And so, if we don't get necessary actions taken, then our future is going to be disastrous. The sixth mass extinction is underway.

Alexandria Villaseñor doesn’t have time to wait until she’s in power. The 13-year old activist has emerged as a leading figure within the youth climate movement. Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s Fridays for Future movement, Alexandria has been school striking outside the United Nations in NYC since last December, and has made it clear, she’s here to stay. To get climate change to get climate action from our world leaders we need an unprecedented number of mobilizations. Her message to world leaders and people in power is that change is coming whether they like it or not, to echo Greta. Kids like her to continue to put pressure on world leaders to take climate action as they continue to strike school.

When she started her climate strike, she was alone on the streets. No one really paid attention and walked by for weeks. It slowly progressed where once she recieved more attention on social media and in the media, started to get more visitors who would come by and strike with her. Now she sees bunches of students from schools who would come to visit her and strike for the day. More and more students who are becoming more frequent strikers. Activists are increasingly engaging in civil disobedience and direct actions -as a tactic in the climate change fight. For Alexandria, there is no other choice than to rebel.

“School striking that's also an act of direct action and civil disobedience. So, I get a lot of my inspiration from Extinction Rebellion, because they are willing to do whatever it takes. They risk arrest.”

You can expect more direct actions from Earth Uprising in the future. There’s a personal motivation for her efforts as well. She experienced firsthand the impact climate change can have.

But, like many other climate activists, Alexandria remains determined.