What's going on inside a recycling center

What happens to our yogurt tub once we've thrown it away? In France, new technology makes it easier for citizens to recycle. Brut Nature followed our waste inside a recycling center. ♻️

03/24/2019 6:01 PM


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  • Fazeela M.
    04/26/2022 21:04

    GREAT!! 👍👍This is such a SUPER FANTASTIC IDEA🤩💕

  • Sterling M.
    10/29/2021 16:01

    Not like in uk ship all shit in to Africa haha

  • Pamela H.
    10/26/2021 21:53

    The problem is it isn't OUR is the manufacturers waste that they should be taking back and reusing... not placing the responsibility on the consumer...

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