1. High school student tests gendered dress codes

  2. The "Havana syndrome" explained

  3. What is "stealthing"?

  4. Bill Cosby accusers share their experience

  5. World's first face and hands transplant

  6. Tom Daley calls for Olympic ban where homosexuality is punishable by death

  7. Paulie’s Push: One man’s journey to honor airline workers killed on 9/11

  8. Bodycam footage shows Black paraplegic man violently manhandled by Ohio police

  9. Designer embraces his Two-Spirit identity

  10. Meet the Old Gays: the unlikely TikTok stars

  11. Influencer exposes the reality behind the perfect Instagram photo

  12. Who are ISIS-K?

  13. Waacking: Making people see the music

  14. This woman is trading her way to a home

  15. Kintsugi, ancient art of repairing the broken

  16. Daniel Toben has picked up over a million pieces of trash

  17. The Clit Test: On a mission to include the clitoris on-screen

  18. This child marriage survivor is fighting to end it in the U.S.

  19. We’re killing sharks faster than they can reproduce

  20. Barbados PM calls on world leaders to act on COVID and climate

  21. The story of Fox News

  22. The first transgender homecoming queen in her school

  23. The Venezuelan sisters celebrating their heritage with chocolate

  24. 'Fat Bear Week' celebrates the best of the bears

  25. The world's greatest stuntwoman

  26. Takeaways from a Facebook whistleblower's testimony to Congress

  27. Formerly blind woman on the different experiences of being blind

  28. The farmer using cows as a way to reverse climate change

  29. Men call out toxic masculinity

  30. The latest alcohol trend is cutting back

  31. This grandma-grandson hand drum duo are taking the internet by storm

  32. This photographer is changing perceptions on Afghan women

  33. This young botanist with autism is a fan favorite on TikTok

  34. "I didn't report my sexual assault because ..."

  35. This mortician is destigmatizing death, one viral TikTok at a time

  36. What’s the “missing white woman syndrome”?

  37. Rep. Cori Bush shares the story of her abortion

  38. The life of Britney Spears

  39. Greta Thunberg's latest message for world leaders

  40. This man is getting his Confederate flag tattoo removed

  41. 5 moments that changed J. Balvin's life

  42. The R. Kelly trial: a timeline

  43. "The Trash Walker" is saving your waste

  44. Transracial adoptees are speaking up about their struggles

  45. The life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  46. Beekeeper teaches TikTok why we should care about bees

  47. Amusement Park for Children with Special Needs

  48. What shaped Darren Walker's philanthropy

  49. A TikToker's journey detransitioning

  50. 6 simple questions about bisexuality

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