This reverend caged baby Jesus — to prove a point about current U.S. border policy and to reaffirm his believe that #EveryFamilyisHoly. 🙏

08/03/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Darren F.
    08/03/2018 19:06

    A lot of so-called "Christians" will dismiss this as having nothing to do with their bible. If they can cherry-pick the bits they want to espouse, they can quite easily ignore this gesture, devastatingly accurate as it may be.

  • Bertha M.
    08/03/2018 19:46

    God bless you father 🙏🏼

  • David S.
    08/03/2018 20:27

    If Mary, Joseph and Jesus came here ILLEGALLY they SHOULD be locked up and deported.

  • Jolly C.
    08/03/2018 20:58

    Some christians will misinterpret the story of Jesus and compare it with the situation now going on with government and the illegal immigrants.

  • Eric G.
    08/03/2018 23:05

    If Jesus just came here legally, he wouldn't have been detained.

  • Martin C.
    08/04/2018 01:01

    God bless you father.🙏🙏

  • Ivan B.
    08/04/2018 02:51

    Thank you for doing this when everyone is afraid to continue the fight to save these children and their family. It is a sad time in this country to do such things to other humans especially children and no one will give their all to save them from being imprisoned.

  • Lonny P.
    08/04/2018 02:51

    The people that should see this will never see it because fox not news will never show it.

  • Logan S.
    08/04/2018 04:05

    A more accurate rendition would deport Joseph and put Mary and Jesus in separate cages. Just saying...

  • Larry N.
    08/04/2018 06:39

    The only thing this proves is that when you have lost the argument on facts.. you can put some statues inside a fence.. and somehow that makes you feel superior to everyone that just beat you in the debate.. DUMB ASSES.. Typical Liberal Logic 101.. (and for the record, the kids in cages photos.. were from when Obama was running the show and it was Trump that reversed that law)..

  • Michael P.
    08/04/2018 12:59

    Doesn't he know that heaven has a gate as well, and not everyone gets into Heaven.. He should preach about the laws of the land.

  • Jim L.
    08/04/2018 14:10

    Ha... jesus was forced into Bethlehem...get it right...geez people...

  • Peggy M.
    08/04/2018 14:45

    jesus also preached following the rules of the land...

  • Scott M.
    08/04/2018 17:47

    I think this issue goes to serve the cause of how the media manipulates coverage in order to attack their enemies. I really do think most people see it this way rather than falling for it. Keep it up #trump2020

  • Steve W.
    08/04/2018 20:09

    Shouldn’t Mary and Joseph be outside the cage.

  • Tyler W.
    08/05/2018 03:39


  • Mary R.
    08/05/2018 04:40

    BS there was no no room at the Inn

  • Patricia F.
    08/05/2018 05:24

    . Jesus would be in a separate cage in another city.

  • Harri B.
    08/05/2018 20:16

    Wouldn't Mary and Joseph dump baby Jesus in the cage .. then .. leave so the rest of us could pay for Him...

  • Mary R.
    08/05/2018 20:28

    The word says to obey the law of the land! If you are going to try and shame Christians don’t cherry pick the word! Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s! Obey those who are placed in authority over you! So if you want to shame those who follow Christ’s teachings then you better get it right ! This up there is blasphemy ! Using the birth of our Lord and Saviour to try and guilt people into disobedience to the law of the land! Get legal or get gone !🤠