• Addie S.
    12/05/2018 19:35

    The Holy Family fled mass slaughter of newborn males under the age of 2. That slaughter was ordered by a psycho local ruler, Herod. The went to a neighboring friendly (at the time) Egypt with a Huge Jewish population and it's own long- established Worship. EGYPT WAS STILL PART OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE & not another "country." The "migrant caravan" is not in danger. They are travelling for economic reasons. They do not meet criteria for refugee status nor asylum criteria. Egypt in 5BC When Joseph and Mary escaped with the baby Jesus to Egypt in 5 or 4BC, it was a friendly neighbour of Judaea with a large Jewish community. Following the defeat of Mark Antony and Cleopatra VII (the last Ptolemaic (Greek) ruler of Egypt) by Octavian (Augustus Caesar) at the Battle of Actium in 31BC, Egypt had become part of the Roman Empire. Its large Jewish community dated from the fall of Jerusalem at the hands of the Babylonians in 587BC. Six months after the appointment of Gedeliah as Governor of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar, Ishmael (a descendent of the King of Judah) had assassinated Gedeliah at Mizpah and had escaped to Egypt. Fearing reprisals, all the Israelites at Mizpah had fled to Egypt, taking with them the prophet Jeremiah (see Jeremiah 40:6, 41:1-2 &16-18 & 43:1-5). The Jews settled at Migdol, Tahpanhes and Memphis in the Nile Delta region of Lower Egypt (see Jeremiah 44:1 and Map 4). After the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332BC, the Jewish community prospered under the Ptolemaic (Greek) pharaohs, and adopted Greek as their native language. As new generations grew up unfamiliar with Hebrew, a Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures (the ‘Septuagint’) was made for the Greek-speaking Jews of Egypt in the 2nd century BC. After the sacking of Jerusalem by Antiochus Epiphanes in 167BC and the erection of the ‘abomination of desolation’ (a statue of Zeus) in the Temple (see Daniel 11:31 & 12:11), the Jews in Egypt built their own Jewish temple near Memphis, in fulfilment of the prophesy of Isaiah (see Isaiah 19:18-21). This Jewish temple was destroyed by the Romans in 72AD, at a time of intense hostility towards the Jews following the Romano-Jewish War of 66-70AD and the fall of Masada – the last Jewish stronghold – in 73AD. But this temple would have been the centre of a large Jewish community when Mary and Joseph arrived in Egypt in c.5BC.

  • Addie S.
    12/05/2018 18:59

    Good idea. Open your Bible! They traveled 90 miles, within Israel for the census. They didn't illegally break into another Country. They obeyed the Law!

  • Jomon J.
    09/15/2018 23:36

    “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth” (v. 4). - Exodus 20:4–6

  • Leon P.
    09/14/2018 19:15

    Jesus wasn't illegal u moron

  • Gina C.
    08/30/2018 06:27


  • عبدالمنعم ا.
    08/28/2018 21:27

    عباده الاصنام

  • Hari B.
    08/28/2018 02:57


  • Celeste F.
    08/26/2018 19:32

    Naive!!! Btw religion and politics don't mix, stick to preaching. Not all of these"separated families"were family! Look it up!if just one alone is saved from sex trafficking or an abuser then it's worth it.

  • Tadikala V.
    08/24/2018 09:48


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  • Haydee R.
    08/22/2018 05:16

    Que triste que los niños siempre son los mas perjudicados..ellos no entienden de fronteras.

  • Ana A.
    08/18/2018 20:35


  • Babita G.
    08/18/2018 13:07

    Amen 🙏

  • Haris A.
    08/17/2018 13:49

    We muslim waiting for mehdi and jesus let this world to be END. CRUELTY REACHES TO EXTREAM.

  • Aditeya D.
    08/17/2018 07:00

    That's so dumb LMAO

  • Raj S.
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  • Usha K.
    08/16/2018 07:31

    I love Jesus

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    08/12/2018 11:04

    I love Jesus

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