"It's basically a fat suit in pieces": Model calls out plus-size modeling industry

This size 8 model is exposing the fat suits she's made to wear as a "plus-size model"...

01/14/2022 5:57 PM


  • Megan R.
    03/18/2022 11:30

    No way 😂😂

  • Ren T.
    03/16/2022 18:26

    Bag t

  • Miss Vanvorsttl
    03/16/2022 17:55

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  • Allison P.
    03/16/2022 04:36

    I knew it!!!!! and the arms too.

  • Catherine G.
    03/16/2022 01:42

    From now on I will just say I am wearing a fat suit

  • Stanmire E.
    03/16/2022 01:09

    it's wild people want to have jobs getting paid for how they look then take offense when people care how they look

  • Chris C.
    03/16/2022 00:29

    Size 8 is a plus size

  • Esy M.
    03/16/2022 00:13

  • Preston M.
    03/15/2022 23:43

    Why not just hire a plus size model?

  • Noah E.
    03/15/2022 16:49

    I'm gonna sue for false advertisement

  • Tina S.
    03/15/2022 13:15

    There are so many beautiful bigger women. Why do they need to use small size models in a fat suit? Just give us natural regular women of all sizes in clothes that fit their bodies! Beauty is found in all shapes & sizes! Just open your eyes & look around. We're everywhere!

  • Heather B.
    03/15/2022 05:56

    Models who aren’t actually plus size are part of the problem too..they shouldn’t be excepting those jobs. It’s good that she’s speaking out but at the same time by her taking those jobs she’s taking modeling jobs away from them and who are really plus size they need to refuse those jobs to really advocate for plus size models

  • Brandi N.
    03/14/2022 22:05

    this explains why plus sized models always seem to look exactly like skinny models, just wider. They rarely have belly fat or bigger legs.

  • Karyn L.
    03/14/2022 04:06

    So she took their money and then told on them. Hmm.

  • Dan W.
    03/13/2022 20:09

    Sounds a lot like the media.

  • Stephen K.
    03/13/2022 15:10

    Lol y'all surprised? What, you've never heard of makeup? Pushup bras? Anorexia?

  • Mike W.
    03/13/2022 06:11

    All in all, she’s telling the world that she’s not above pretending to be someone she’s not just to make a buck, rather than having the integrity to advocate for genuine representation of the product in the fashion industry.

  • Tammy H.
    03/13/2022 01:06

    Hmmmm...interesting. I just thought all the plus size models just had chin tucks. The truth comes out!

  • Jerri H.
    03/12/2022 20:44

    Stop trying to look like models it's all fake. Glad they're starting to expose this. Nothing wrong with natural bodies. Everyone isn't it has to be Barbie.

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