"Rocket Man" Trump's UN speech

President Trump threatens "Rocket Man" -aka Kim Jong-Un- to "totally destroy North Korea."

09/19/2017 12:00 AM


  • Ired Z.
    09/21/2017 23:51

    Rocket man? Seriously, Donald? Seriously? Idiot.

  • Jeremy F.
    09/21/2017 19:06

    ...and we wonder why n korea wants to build an arsenal.....hell i would too

  • Patsy C.
    09/21/2017 01:18

    President Trump, Keep up the good work and let the N Korean leader know that if he makes a strike ,we will strike back With fire!!

  • Art D.
    09/21/2017 00:46

    Yay Randy Uncle Art would be proud..Hope you are well....💜💜💜💜Carol

  • Cristian H.
    09/20/2017 21:11

    Wounder how all trump stupid voters feel now y'all put this moron here what a idiot

  • Sean R.
    09/20/2017 15:32

    Nikki Haley looks TIRED

  • Reed G.
    09/20/2017 15:21

    If anyone actually watched the speech in its entirety, then they would know president Trump wants peace, not war. If you haven't watched the speech I encourage you to do so. I understand that historically he is not a great public public speaker by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought he did a great job with this address to the general assembly. If you listen to his full speech you will see that his message is for peace not war.

  • Dontae P.
    09/20/2017 15:20

    Rocket Man 😂😂😂

  • Lucas S.
    09/20/2017 14:51

    I wonder what his blood pressure reading is.

  • Tania T.
    09/20/2017 14:46

    Experiencing so much secondhand embarrassment 😐 Rocket man? �nlo

  • Weder T.
    09/20/2017 14:37

    How you can be on a suicide mission for someonel else ?🤔

  • David G.
    09/20/2017 14:27

    Walls and wars almost ready~

  • Dolores R.
    09/20/2017 14:17

    This MAN doesn't care about people there or here,,, he don't care about war,, we all would be burned to hell,,, not him ,,,he'll be in his fallout shelter with all his family and corrupt repugs,,, have you seen this fall out home. ??? Its so luxurious,,, its a sin,,, he has a golden toilet and all,, better than mar largo,,, of course it has the latest technology ,, so they can live in there for years. .we'll all be incinerated to ashes,,, him laughing ... There's no winners in nuclear war,,, that's why Kim Jon in,,,is threatening with fear,, he also has a fall out shelter...they don't care about their nation or us.......think about that for a sec. trump fools...

  • Lionel M.
    09/20/2017 13:53

    Cheetos man lol 😂

  • Joanna L.
    09/20/2017 13:48

    Rocket man...oh my did he just did that WW3 coming we dead...🙄

  • Domingo T.
    09/20/2017 13:24

    Its funny its always the ones that wont die in battle that want young men to go to war...

  • L.A. P.
    09/20/2017 13:19

    Let's just nonchalantly discuss wiping one of the oldest countries in the world off the globe. This mother fucker is going to get us all killed

  • Eric T.
    09/20/2017 13:06

    That's right Trump kill them all!

  • John K.
    09/20/2017 12:24

    He's looking worse and worse each time I see him 😂😂

  • Evrol C.
    09/20/2017 12:16

    Pale face

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