"Signs For Humanity" is Bringing Communities Together

He's bridging the divide between the deaf and hearing communities with Signs For Humanity — an easy how-to guide to learn sign language. 🤟

08/09/2018 7:01 PM


  • Love J.
    07/24/2019 18:22


  • Tasha D.
    07/21/2019 03:40

    It would be nice if my family learn

  • Helen C.
    12/26/2018 22:59

    It should be in the UK too, everywhere as a standard, a second language. I spent 5 years learning German. Despite spending family holidays in France. I'd love to learn how to sign and intend to start. Xxx

  • Shelley K.
    12/24/2018 12:36

    He wants to get it tonight in highschool and that would be amazing, but I think teaching signsbto babies and starting in grade one would be even better! My daughter is learning French now, why not ASL?

  • Ashley C.
    12/10/2018 01:07

    a youtuber to check out!

  • Jeanie A.
    12/01/2018 19:02

    There are several different sign languages around the world, would be good if their was a universal one.. Sally & possum is a children's tv show that teaches Auslan

  • Anthony G.
    11/27/2018 17:06

    Hi guys I am from UK as in Leeds I am deaf as I use BSL (British sign language) as I know it so hard to try communicating with hearing people I have hearing friends as I thought people love to teach sign language but they can’t bother as how to communicate as I want to be communicate with hearing people with BSL so that what I want to be as my 2 family is hearing as I am only one deaf this family that is so sad 😞 to hard listening what my family say but sometimes I understand what they say you know what I mean is that right guys ??

  • Luis A.
    11/25/2018 06:48

    now we can learn to sign

  • Ma-x L.
    11/18/2018 05:39

    Vincent Mousseau toute mon admiration 😘

  • Jennifer R.
    11/16/2018 09:15

    Hi yes i,m deaf half talk few

  • Steve F.
    11/16/2018 02:03

    It’s not deaf or hearing it’s humans and ppl everywhere

  • Monica B.
    11/13/2018 21:59

    watch whole video and tell me about yours opinions

  • Patty R.
    11/12/2018 13:27

    We wanted to teach it at our h.s. where I work but there wasn’t a teacher available who could teach it. So many students wanted to take it.

  • Sarah A.
    11/12/2018 02:52

    Am I the only one wondering what his parents were doing between the ages of 3 and 12?? I mean he’s trying to read lips for 9 years while the teachers facing the board???

  • Ieva P.
    11/08/2018 20:57

    i`m not deaf but i vuld love to learn sign language,i all my life like watch how people use it,and i agree it shud be learned from nursery at all schools

  • Maddox S.
    11/08/2018 14:32

    David Foley

  • Hannah N.
    11/08/2018 07:25

    i watched this and though, “oh! I should tag Emma Faye” but I see you’ve already liked it 😂

  • Emelie B.
    11/07/2018 05:58

    for kyky

  • Amina Z.
    11/06/2018 13:28


  • Joanne G.
    11/06/2018 02:51

    Meredith Norris

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