"Wall of Moms": Portland mother on why she protests

These mothers have been standing between Black Lives Matter protesters and federal forces in Portland... here's why.

07/29/2020 8:07 PM
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  • Patti N.
    3 days

    Wall of morons.

  • やなたかは や.
    3 days

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  • Jon H.
    4 days

    Stand strong mom fight the fascist feds and this dickheadtTor

  • Carol N.
    5 days

    Where did they get their masks?

  • Jodie L.
    5 days

    Looting, destroying property, assaulting people, resisting arrest, and vandalism is not protesting! That is terrorism! Everyone should be charged with a criminally!

  • Adam M.
    5 days

    These monsters mothers, hahaha, then I'm a priest. There is no mother on this planet who would want to refund the police . The safety for mothers children is the most important thing . If you get rid of the police even for one day the zombies of the ghettos will murder , rape and loot every white household by the thousands. The 2nd amendment right was created only for the protection from the black supremacy, Marxist BLM aka. the black KKK domestic terrorist organization global groups.

  • Nancy C.
    5 days

    They’re idiots!!

  • Susan W.
    5 days

    Because Black LIES Matter

  • David J.
    5 days

    If the wall of moms is keeping the protesters from getting violent then I guess it is doing some good but if they are just preventing the federal agents from doing their job then they should be arrested.

  • Jerry B.
    6 days


  • Deniz K.
    6 days

    By the way, that "wall of moms" in Portland was a complete lie. Most of them are literally the same "protesters" but in yellow shirts. There is VIDEO of the "moms" tearing down fences, ripping off plywood, and handing bricks out to rioters. Have fun with this information. Because it's sure not being reported.

  • Shirley M.
    6 days

    I saw a live fb feed last night no storm troopers and no problems

  • Helen R.
    6 days

    Moms, God bless you for trying to protect young people. However please move off the line if they begin to riot or vandalize things. Allow the Feds to round them up and locked them.

  • K R.
    6 days

    Call them wolf of BLM

  • Rick S.
    6 days

    B.S...Your either for or against our Police...I say choot em with rubber bullets

  • Judy B.
    7 days

    She's a stoney, stupid, idiot. All lives matter or didn't she notice. Stoned and she missed it.

  • Frank M.
    07/31/2020 20:59

    Why does it take do what the country needs to do...stand up to the hitler in the white house...VOTE this thug out along with his gestapo chief..William Barr...

  • Donna L.
    07/31/2020 20:15

    They are with the BLM. Dint let them fool you

  • James S.
    07/31/2020 19:06

    There just antifa members

  • Tony B.
    07/31/2020 17:59

    Justice is not right. Democracy is not right. Republic is not right. Is an inside job. The federal gouvernment is not right. we need the international law state that comes into force