"War on Black Boys" poem on police brutality

"Black mothers' tears keep graveyard grass green." Listen to this chilling poem on police brutality by Kale Nelson.

04/19/2021 11:58 PM


  • Debbie W.
    06/11/2021 11:32

    Why because I fear for my son yes sir who is black. You have a blessed day

  • Zena B.
    05/10/2021 07:39


  • Roberts Q.
    05/06/2021 06:17

    wow! This is deep 😢

  • Michael W.
    04/22/2021 22:37

    is it because the color of the skin or is it because those shot were commited crimes? Hard for common sense to be on your side when most of those dead were criminals, right now BLM is telling me Im suppose to be mad at the white cop who shot a black teenage girl while she was in mid swing as she attacked another human with a knife? Im sorry but it sounds to me like a lot of excuses to hate on white people or cops.

  • William U.
    04/21/2021 23:24


  • Rosindo R.
    04/21/2021 19:05

    I wanna hear a rhyme dealing with resisting and running

  • Gisele S.
    04/21/2021 17:10


  • Cristian D.
    04/21/2021 14:38

    Wow lol

  • Robin B.
    04/21/2021 01:25

    Very powerful!!!

  • Debbie W.
    04/20/2021 20:47

    To all the white people on here talking trash about a young black man poem. I am going to pray for you all

  • Debbie W.
    04/20/2021 20:39

    Neal Anderson Sir no disrespect you can say this because you are white. So plz don’t make any remarks like you posted because you don’t have to fear the police because again you are white Dumbass

  • Justin B.
    04/20/2021 14:50


  • Sharla C.
    04/20/2021 14:30

    Leigh Hall

  • Jean C.
    04/20/2021 12:48

    Powerful and sad!

  • Pac M.
    04/20/2021 11:25

    grabe pa sa grabe

  • Joanie L.
    04/20/2021 09:41


  • Adrian M.
    04/20/2021 08:39


  • Michael I.
    04/20/2021 08:35

    Powerful! ⚖️🇺🇸

  • Eddie A.
    04/20/2021 05:48

    Resistance leads to being shot. That goes for all race’s

  • Lionel L.
    04/20/2021 05:21

    How many people did this poet invite, “friends, family”to make the audience more dramatic in this recording. Quit saying black. But turn to a person as a individual instead of color. Know ones worth more than cultural bias. We are all equal, you are all my people.

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