1. Trump on Iran and the Middle East

  2. How did Trump spend 2019?

  3. Special Mermaids: Synchronized Swimmers With Down Syndrome

  4. #TBT: JFK announces presidential bid

  5. The decade in youth activism

  6. 11-year-old Grants Wishes At Nursing Home

  7. Why "they" was named word of the year

  8. Veteran Fixes Cars at No Charge

  9. Protesting Gender Violence Around the World Through Song

  10. Why kissing isn't a universal act

  11. #WhenICallMyselfDisabled: The Power of Language and Identity

  12. What is Misophonia?

  13. The business of addiction

  14. World leaders swipe at Trump

  15. The Life of Donald Trump Jr.

  16. Trump's favorite impressions

  17. Trump Doesn't Understand How Wind Power Works

  18. Coffee Shop Run By Adults with Special Needs

  19. Helping Black Families Find Santa Who Looks Like Them

  20. A day in the life of DSharp

  21. Australia Wildfires Rage On

  22. Blind Sculptor Makes Visually-Stimulating Art

  23. Democratic Debate Best Zingers

  24. The Déjà vu Debate

  25. 3 Presidents, 3 Public Impeachments

  26. Elizabeth Warren vs. Bernie Sanders

  27. Hyphenated American: Growing up Croatian in California

  28. Helping the homeless around the world

  29. “Ice Bucket Challenge” Creator Dies

  30. This interview reveals the truth behind Mattel toys

  31. Obama vs. Trump: Athletes at the White House

  32. Southern chef is promoting mental health

  33. Providing New Homes for Camp Fire Survivors | w/ James Woody Faircloth

  34. Myanmar's leader denies genocide claims in her own country

  35. Doctors trying to vaccinate detained migrants arrested

  36. The ways Trump attacks the impeachment inquiry

  37. #TBT Christmas at the White House

  38. The Human Side to Surrogacy

  39. My First Day in America - Episode 3 - Xavier Lopez

  40. Women Denounce Sexism Through Song

  41. Black Woman Wins Miss Universe For First Time in 8 Years

  42. How Working Out Can Boost Your Memory

  43. One-Woman Play Explores a Mother's Death

  44. 5 Ways Trump Deals With Hurt Feelings

  45. 8 Times Politicians Forgot Their Mics Were On

  46. Anti-Homeless Tactics Around the United States

  47. Stand-In Mom at LGBTQ Weddings🙋‍♀️🏳️‍🌈

  48. Polytechnique Massacre, 30 Years Later

  49. One Summit, One Target for Trump

  50. 5 Controversial Ad Campaigns

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