15-year-old shares sexual assault story

This 15-year-old is sharing her sexual assault story so that her senator — Joe Manchin — will hear it before the final vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

10/05/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Awil X.
    10/05/2018 19:19


  • Mark A.
    10/05/2018 19:32

    What does her assault have to do with him, and their decisions?

  • Linda T.
    10/05/2018 19:42

    This is a Repubkkkican hiding in plain site, his azz out.

  • Ricky S.
    10/05/2018 19:44

    they are still not doing anything about the woman that started the me too movement,who was accused of the same thing

  • Bonnie A.
    10/05/2018 19:46

    When did he rape you? come on this is serious, There is real women out there, and a liar brings this out

  • Laura G.
    10/05/2018 19:48

    Yes, It's happen to so many people .

  • Anoir M.
    10/05/2018 19:55

    je pense qu'il a raison 😍😂

  • Brut
    10/05/2018 20:02

    She spoke out — but many don't. Here's a look at why so many sexual assault survivors don't speak out.

  • Joe S.
    10/05/2018 20:08

    How much did they pay you

  • Rick D.
    10/05/2018 20:17

    Everyone knows it's real. That's not the issue the issue is waiting too long and accusing someone innocent regardless of what Sex You Are. People need to learn to come forward as it happens. That's what needs to be taught just like we taught kids just to say no when it came to drugs.

  • John D.
    10/05/2018 20:19

    Her story is very different from Dr. Ford's in that it did not take 36 years to come forward, or be pushed by democrats to make a statement, or instructed on how to pass a lie detector test.

  • Krisco J.
    10/05/2018 20:37

    Yeah and so many women lie everyday saying it happened when it didnt

  • James L.
    10/05/2018 20:39

    Dr Ford did not get sexual assault she lying for money

  • Ashel P.
    10/05/2018 20:58

    There are no words (that I could say; she did a fantastic thing despite obvious personal objections to the subject matter)

  • Mel O.
    10/05/2018 21:01

    The only thing that matters to them is their ''job''. Other than that, people don't matter.

  • Denise J.
    10/05/2018 21:06

    I'm sooooo sorry for your suffering😢 , unfortunately, #JoeManchin could care less😠

  • Antionette M.
    10/05/2018 21:18

    I'm so proud of all the women who have the courage to come out and give their experiences. I pray more women will come out because no one should live in silence.

  • Tusher A.
    10/05/2018 21:20

    Then don't wear short clothes , women should never be allowed go outside home or alone cover ur bodies

  • Tim M.
    10/05/2018 21:21

    What the hell does this girl's alleged sexual assault have to do with Manchin's vote ? If she was assaulted call the police, and if you are another paid Democratic accuser take it somewhere else. Joe these aren't your constituents, they are part of the paid liberal Lynch mob trying to bring America to a new low level of depravity. Kudos Joe for doing the right thing..

  • Matthew N.
    10/05/2018 21:31

    At least you came out right away !!!.... That's how you do it