1600 Inmates Left Without Heat During Polar Vortex

1600 inmates were left without heat or water inside a Brooklyn federal prison during the Polar Vortex. But these protesters weren't having it.

02/05/2019 8:03 PM


  • John H.
    02/28/2019 00:51

    Don't break the law and end up in jail lol

  • Moshe D.
    02/27/2019 23:57

    cry babies

  • Aaron H.
    02/27/2019 04:47


  • Marc N.
    02/26/2019 16:17


  • Kenny M.
    02/26/2019 15:00

    New Yorkers must be the lowest IQ people on the planet.

  • Colet H.
    02/24/2019 23:30


  • Eze V.
    02/24/2019 17:04

    Come to Nigeria prison and know how far

  • Momen C.
    02/24/2019 15:19

    A federal prison where they hold the worst od the worst and y'all wanna turn it into a 2stars motel PLEASE

  • Derek D.
    02/23/2019 05:02

    Oh well?

  • Angel L.
    02/21/2019 20:07

    They could've been at home nice and warm instead of being criminals....

  • Jamie D.
    02/20/2019 07:53

    Wait, isn't it a crime to communicate with inmates that are inside of a jail from the exterior?

  • Chris P.
    02/18/2019 17:23

    Alot of people seems to forget that there is alot of people that are in for non-violent things or have been wrongly accused. They're still human being that have human rights. Prisons are supposed to rehabilite such individuals so that they can come back into society as a functioning member. Its sad how some of you people think its okay to say and act in such disgusting and dehumanizing ways.

  • Vincent C.
    02/18/2019 16:54

    They are law breakers , so why treat them like they didn't do anything wrong.

  • Assik W.
    02/18/2019 13:56

    Michael Scofield might be there. They're trying to get out as we speak (or watch).

  • Phynx A.
    02/17/2019 12:00

    Don't like the conditions don't break the law.

  • Roger R.
    02/17/2019 05:44

    WHAT THE HELL YOU BAD PEOPLE. Dont drop your soap in the shower

  • Gloria G.
    02/17/2019 04:13

    Whatever their crime is, they are still human, they are paying for their crimes. They shouldn't be treated like that!!!!

  • Roger D.
    02/15/2019 23:58

    They broke the law. Went to jail. Oh boo hoo. Our service members are in Iraq with no AC.

  • Keemo J.
    02/15/2019 22:51

    They have it easy and complaining try a Jamaican prison or jail u sleep on the floor and u ain't got no AC or heater if it's hot u suffer if it's cold u suffer

  • Dylan S.
    02/15/2019 12:16

    Lmao dude they're criminals they shouldn't of done what they did to end up in the situation anyway 🤷‍♂️

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