1600 Inmates Left Without Heat During Polar Vortex

1600 inmates were left without heat or water inside a Brooklyn federal prison during the Polar Vortex. But these protesters weren't having it.

02/05/2019 8:03 PM
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  • Monica W.
    02/05/2019 20:05


  • Michelle J.
    02/05/2019 20:19

    So they protested due to an electrical fire? Im sure it being fixed had more to do with the guys that went in to do the repair.

  • Ren P.
    02/05/2019 20:34

    They can hug each other to keep warm.

  • Danielle P.
    02/05/2019 21:54

    Dam really you people are fucked up fix the ass holes ok

  • Son V.
    02/05/2019 22:05


  • Chozen R.
    02/06/2019 06:08

    Well if they have a reason to be in there they would nice a toasty at home. But since they are criminals they locked up. It was an electrical fire which takes time to repair. How about we talk about the orphanages that dont have enough coats or blankets for the kids to keep warm. Of little kids who are walking to school in thin jackets because they cant afford nice thick coats. Yall was man enough to do the crime to land in jail be man enough to deal with it while the problem is being fixed.

  • Yahay A.
    02/06/2019 06:10

    That is right

  • Alexander L.
    02/06/2019 06:43

    Yeah.. and who leads them?... the and only terrorist scumbag Linda s ARSE WHORE

  • Evelyn E.
    02/06/2019 07:56

    Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • Sandro P.
    02/06/2019 08:51

    Yeah we're all out here protesting to help the guy who raped your sister or the one who killed your mom. Man fuck that noise and fuck those cons.

  • Peter A.
    02/06/2019 16:26

    Prisoners in Africa are like the living dead, except you're 'rich'

  • Brut
    02/06/2019 22:25

    These dogs are helping inmates become better mothers:

  • Franz C.
    02/07/2019 01:42


  • Kev F.
    02/07/2019 08:02

    Them fuckers are in prison for a reason !! I'd also bet that most of them are repeat offenders 😲

  • Amiin S.
    02/07/2019 08:47

    They should hire Micheal Scofield😁

  • Triple D.
    02/07/2019 11:00

    First of all if they had been doing the rite things in life they wouldnt be in there to complain. Prison is not a 5 star motel. Oh i know. They are all innocent and was framed. I bet some will even say they got arrested for helping a little old lady across the street one sunday morning on there way to church. Come on people its prison. There there for a reason. Dam

  • Mark A.
    02/07/2019 12:17

    They should advocate for their victims instead.

  • Imane D.
    02/07/2019 21:49

    Call Schofield !

  • Akindoyin D.
    02/08/2019 13:49

    A perfect example of an effective system. Africa my africa.... smh

  • Ramon G.
    02/09/2019 05:47

    Stop fucking up and your ass wont be in jail having to deal with this shit...