19-year-old was left paralyzed after this confrontation

This unarmed 19-year-old was left paralyzed after getting shot in a confrontation with the Milwakee police.

11/29/2018 2:01 PM
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  • Sara V.
    11/29/2018 14:08

    Fils de pute de flic i

  • Tazuya A.
    11/29/2018 14:15

    Karma on the way.

  • M S.
    11/29/2018 14:30

    Those officers should be charged for shooting. Otherwise, it is already out of control.

  • Paul D.
    11/29/2018 14:48

    This certainly looks like excessive use of force - but folks really should recognize that the guy did NOT obey a direct command from a police officer who was already aiming a firearm at him. He was told to "turn around!". He did not. He may have heard that as "get on the ground" (the commands do sound similar), but to a police officer confronting a potentially fatal situation (the cop could NOT have known whether the guy was armed), a guy who disobeys a direct order and moves in the way this guy DID move, could well have been reaching for a weapon.

  • Nathan A.
    11/29/2018 15:28

    A trigger happy cop just as bad as a racist cop

  • Paul W.
    11/29/2018 15:36

    Where was the “eminent danger” to the officer to discharge his weapon?

  • Joshua C.
    11/29/2018 15:46

    Stop with this hate shit show FACTS !!! Let me guess strait A student going to collage never any problems

  • Jeff R.
    11/29/2018 15:49

    If you fire on an unarmed person you should be fired! End of discussion. As a police officer you are paid to stand in harms way for the good of the community. You are not paid to shoot first and see what shakes out later.

  • Ahmad A.
    11/29/2018 15:53

    Great america

  • Oscar A.
    11/29/2018 16:12

    USA, the land of bullshit.

  • Wayne K.
    11/29/2018 16:31

    #FuckinPigs need to get their shit together. What is that on his hand. Some white power tattoo!

  • Aromokunola T.
    11/29/2018 16:37

    Very disgusting to watch. Its sickening and shameful

  • Leo G.
    11/29/2018 16:37

    Funny to see that this has increased since Donald trump is in office🙄

  • Patrick G.
    11/29/2018 16:41

    The most dangerous pos on this planet: a Nazi with a badge.

  • Rachel S.
    11/29/2018 16:43

    He was starting to reach forward to actually obey and get down and they STILL shot him. His hands were perfectly in view. He was NOT reaching into his pants pocket or anything for "a potential weapon". NOTHING! FFS, police...get a god-damned grip on yourselves!

  • Max R.
    11/29/2018 16:43

    There should be a people's task force who eliminate these cops.

  • Moe F.
    11/29/2018 16:56

    We need to disarm those cowboys, most of the time they are praying to use their guns. Give them guns as needed just like in the UK. This is unbelievable 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Emily S.
    11/29/2018 17:09

    Where is the build up? How long was the officer chasing this fella?

  • Kubakurungi S.
    11/29/2018 17:11

    Blacks in the US are violent. According to the groups am in and movies I watch

  • Jonard A.
    11/29/2018 17:15

    when you hired cowards cops to do a real mans job...