19 yo beaten by cops

Police were looking for a bald man...but they ended up beating and arresting this 19-year-old girl. How did it happen?

07/12/2017 6:37 PM
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  • Ladyj C.
    05/17/2019 17:42

    Wow, so sad

  • Heidi R.
    01/30/2019 13:33

  • Shawn T.
    12/17/2018 12:23

    Her dad is a coward. You know the officers name, go to the police station and wait until he gets off and follow him home.

  • Macanthony O.
    12/14/2018 18:30

    America is going down,the destruction of America will come as a result of the over 500 year slavery and mistreatment of these descendants of ancient israelites not those impostors living in israel now.

  • Sheila W.
    12/14/2018 14:10

    Sue them !!! people need to keep suing them until they fix the problem. They knew that wasn’t their suspect.

  • Sukari S.
    12/14/2018 11:10

    This young woman will be scared for life while the perps will be sent on paid leave. They will drink beer and laugh about how another life has been destroyed....

  • Yvette T.
    12/14/2018 10:29

    This is BS, sorry that happen i pray for a full recovery, those cops need to be let go, and i hope she retained a Attorney

  • Glen F.
    12/14/2018 05:51

    This is so SAD but true until today around The world for Black people!!!!

  • Manny S.
    12/14/2018 02:24

    Kill pig everyone happy...

  • Sydonia S.
    12/14/2018 02:20

    They over here tryna move on y'all, they seem mighty jolly on that fb page... I'm saying y'all mad, keep that same energy....

  • Tarius W.
    12/14/2018 00:04

    I say this with authority maaaaan....FTP

  • Albany F.
    12/03/2018 13:18

    We are getting protected to death They racing to any human to get them in cuffs and in jail to protect us, keep us safe. Anyone tired of all the protecting and cleaning up being done? Our liberty is the price of having police force keep us safe and protected. I’ll take 2A, my freedoms and less police protections, less government in my business period.

  • Breanna T.
    10/20/2018 14:47

    103°C is above the boiling point...

  • Angela J.
    10/17/2018 03:22

    Start holding them accountable for their actions let someone do them the way they doing other I’m pretty sure they will not like it

  • Angela J.
    10/17/2018 03:21

    Stop the bull please

  • Nancy W.
    10/15/2018 00:07


  • Marilyn E.
    07/13/2018 18:04

    I'm sorry that happened to you theirs no excuse for the officers to treat u like that....this is NOT appropriate..that officer could not see u were a female for real and he's a cop really..police are getting to violent with ppl and that's NOT ok..This needs to stop I don't care who it is the violence that police are doing is not ok..I hope u heal soon

  • Sam M.
    07/09/2018 04:22

    103 degrees Celsius is 217 degrees Fahrenheit so no your video already has all the facts wrong secondly this is just more fake news

  • Kate D.
    07/09/2018 02:20

    That is so wrong. She is clearly a girl, not a does one confuse 5'2" with 5' 10"?

  • Anna D.
    07/07/2018 15:17

    file Lawsuit