19 yo beaten by cops

Police were looking for a bald man...but they ended up beating and arresting this 19-year-old girl. How did it happen?

07/12/2017 6:37 PM
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  • Mumtaz T.
    07/12/2017 18:44

    How the fuck was she charged for ANYTHING? They delayed themselves by deciding to beat up a random teenager on the sidewalk.

  • Sara H.
    07/12/2017 18:56

    Poor girl 😢 this is so horrible

  • Corie H.
    07/12/2017 19:02

    Mark A. Riedel when representative do stuff like this is makes it dangerous for them all

  • Christine P.
    07/12/2017 19:06

    This is DISGUSTING! What is it going to take to stop these so called "peace officers" from their brutal practices? I hope this family sues the hell out of the cop and the entire department.

  • Anu A.
    07/12/2017 19:10

    this is soo unacceptable 😡😡😡😠

  • Priscilla A.
    07/12/2017 19:13

    I kinda laughed when they said bald guy but then she has hair.

  • Jeremy D.
    07/12/2017 19:16

    I hope they sue the pants off that police department.

  • Brittany S.
    07/12/2017 19:17

    This is scary SMH

  • Ando K.
    07/12/2017 19:22

    The cop needs to be arrested for assault and BANNED FOREVER as a officer.

  • Melissa S.
    07/12/2017 19:38

    This is beyond tragic

  • Tiffany R.
    07/12/2017 19:39

    They do shit like this cause they know they can get away with it..... But when you shoot they asses back then blue lives matter.... GTFOH.

  • Darrion S.
    07/12/2017 19:41

    She fit the description? Fuck?

  • Ivan I.
    07/12/2017 19:41

    Sue the shit out of them

  • Sa'Niyahmama L.
    07/12/2017 19:46

    This says July 20 2017

  • Roheezy L.
    07/12/2017 19:48

    Wow this is from the future!? We have 8 days to prevent this from happening, find the bald guy asap!

  • Jessica J.
    07/12/2017 19:53

    So now they are mistaking a 5'2 115lb woman for a 6'2 160lb man?? Give me a fucking break. No excuse.

  • Inglewood K.
    07/12/2017 19:54

    And the BITCH ASS Bakersfield Pigs department said the officers force was appropriate for a 19 year old girl...... MUTHAFUCKIN COWARDS

  • Droseph M.
    07/12/2017 20:01

    Where are the dumbasses that defend the cops actions? Where???!!!?? show yo self!?!?!?!?????

  • Sa'Niyahmama L.
    07/12/2017 20:02

    This is #FakeNews Donald trump voice 😂😂😂

  • Dezmon B.
    07/12/2017 20:04