1. The 2020 Candidates on Health Care

  2. What If Instagram Existed During The Holocaust?

  3. NFL Players Give Aid at the Border

  4. Sen. Hirono Tells AG William Barr to Resign

  5. The Newest Jobs Recognized By The Census

  6. Should Minor Theft be Prosecuted?

  7. 5 Times Brands Were Terrible At Twitter

  8. The Teen Activist Leading #EarthUprising

  9. Doctor Shows Solidarity With Muslims Through #HeadscarfForHarmony

  10. President Trump's 10,000 Lies: The Greatest Hits

  11. Rabbi of Chabad of Poway Synagogue Speaks Out

  12. The realities of domestic violence

  13. Men Who Write Anti-Abortion Laws

  14. Paintings Highlight the Pay Gap in the Art World

  15. The Story Behind the Viral Gorilla Selfie

  16. Combating Anti-Semitism with Matzah

  17. Marita Growing Thunder Montana March

  18. What You Need To Know About Extinction Rebellion

  19. Police Shoot At Unarmed Couple Near Yale

  20. What Happened to Otto Warmbier?

  21. Soledad O’Brien Isn’t Afraid Of Asking Hard Questions

  22. Breastfeeding mom shamed

  23. First "Marsquake" Detected by NASA

  24. The Life of Joe Biden

  25. The Indigenous Climate Activist on a Mission to Save the Planet

  26. Amal Clooney on the UN's "Nuremberg Moment"

  27. Adopting While LGBTQ

  28. What a 16-Year-Old Witnessed After The Sri Lanka Terror Attack

  29. 2020 Candidates on Impeachment

  30. Columbine Students Want You to See the Horror of Gun Violence

  31. 16-year-old Greta Thunberg In A Brut Interview

  32. Does Your State Have a 'Right to Die' Law?

  33. Who's The Controversial Billionaire Behind Coachella?

  34. Sarah Sanders Caught in Lie by Mueller Report

  35. The US Role in the World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis

  36. Students Help Solve School Shooting Crisis with New Tech

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  38. 9 of the Largest Pledges to Repair Notre Dame

  39. Michelle Obama Shares Details About Her Childhood

  40. Pete Buttigieg Shows How He Handles Hecklers

  41. Child Gives Heartfelt Classroom Speech About His Autism

  42. Meet Sudan's Viral Protester

  43. John Kerry Defends His Credentials — and AOC

  44. Hillary Clinton Goes After Trump on Border Crisis

  45. Congresswoman Grills Bank CEO on Employee Pay

  46. Does a Job Guarantee Actually Work?

  47. First Muslim To Golf in College While Wearing Hijab

  48. Emotional Plea Against Ohio’s Anti-Abortion Law

  49. Trump claims he knows nothing about WikiLeaks

  50. Students and Alumni Call for Reform of College Honor Code

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