2020 Candidates Go After Elizabeth Warren

At the fourth Democratic debate, Elizabeth Warren was clearly the new frontrunner — in terms of attacks.

Every candidate is taking a swing at the surging senator

These candidates all went after Elizabeth Warren at the 4th round of the Democratic debates in Ohio.

Pete Buttigieg - The Indiana mayor directly criticized Elizabeth Warren over health care at October’s debate, saying that she had not been forthcoming about whether she would raise taxes on the middle class to help finance “Medicare for all.”

Klobuchar - During a discussion of Warren's advocacy for a wealth tax, Klobuchar took aim at Warren. Referring to billionaire candidate Tom Steyer, who was also on stage, the Minnesota senator tried to take her down a peg or two, "I want to give a reality check to Elizabeth. No one on this stage wants to protect billionaires. Not even the billionaire wants to protect billionaires. We just have different approaches. Your idea is not the only idea."

O'Rourke - “Sometimes I think that Senator Warren is more focused on being punitive,” O’Rourke said about Warren’s support of a wealth tax. Observers quickly flagged the word as problematic, particularly as it was a loaded adjective lobbed at a woman candidate from a male politician who doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to checking his privilege.

Elizabeth Warren came under attack from fellow candidates in nearly every part of the debate, underscoring her recent rise in the polls and the threat other candidates feel as a result. It’s a complete contrast from the previous three debates, when the candidates barely laid a glove on Warren, nor even really tried. Biden is no longer the presumed front-runner in the race after Warren overtook him in several polls, and it is playing out in real time on the debate stage as every candidate is taking a swing at Warren over everything but the kitchen sink.


10/16/2019 10:19 AM
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  • Kayla D.
    10/16/2019 12:23

    Elizabeth Warren has been fighting for people's rights and justice for longer than any of these people have even cared to lift a finger I support Senator Warren 100% And I think this heckling is bulshit they're the ones dividing Us by blaming her for the real problems that are going on God politics are so dumb sometimes it's only meant to confuse people

  • Brut
    10/16/2019 13:32

    At a massive New York rally, Sen. Elizabeth Warren explained how if elected president she would block lobbyists from working in government — and vice versa.

  • Audrey G.
    10/16/2019 13:48

    Right?? I thought it was sooo strange that she was the only one being constantly attacked out of the top 3, even by one of the other women. It made no sense to me.

  • Him S.
    10/16/2019 14:09

    Hypocrite Klobucher. She is protecting billionaires, from other country.

  • Sylvien V.
    10/16/2019 14:48

    Elizabeth Warren for next USA President..xx

  • Bhola M.
    10/16/2019 15:39


  • Gordon B.
    10/16/2019 15:47

    I smell Joe Biden somewhere. i feel like he promised those 3 candidates something because she was one of biggest threat to him in election

  • Vickey L.
    10/16/2019 15:49

    no followers who rip off Bernie'a issues without anything to back it up! Warren WILL NOT do Medicare for All!

  • John H.
    10/16/2019 16:05

    Please don’t startevery answer with. Sooooo........

  • Dean V.
    10/16/2019 16:16

    Democrats must stop Elizabeth Warren, before she George McGovern’s the party.

  • Jim P.
    10/16/2019 17:03

    Bunch of nuts who lie every time they open their mouth!!😂

  • Zach A.
    10/16/2019 19:11

    Warren couldn't defend her positions because she copied them from Bernie without having sufficient knowledge re how they will work. That's also why AOC endorsed Bernie and not her.

  • Scott M.
    10/16/2019 19:22

    None of them are fit to run this or any other country.

  • Carmen G.
    10/16/2019 20:18

    None of them are fit to run this country Trump 2020

  • Stan M.
    10/16/2019 21:05

    Everybody on that stage are clowns !

  • Mike S.
    10/16/2019 21:27

    12 reasons to vote for Trump

  • Carlene C.
    10/16/2019 22:00

    In all honesty she was wrong getting her college education on the claim of being an American Indian. I have no respect for her for doing that. If she would say she made a mistake and pay back that money, I might think differently of her. By doing what she is doing, it shows me that her dishonesty will also fall over into her presidency and she will do under the table offers for her own personal gain just like many others have.

  • Buddy K.
    10/16/2019 22:03

    Any body but that clown in WH

  • Marc M.
    10/16/2019 22:09

    And this is JUST why.....Trump 2020!

  • Keith M.
    10/16/2019 22:29

    just vote demos out for good and you will never hear their idiot ideas again