3 Min Reunions At The U.S.-Mexico Border

Hugs, tears, and goodbyes. For just three minutes, these immigrants were reunited with their families on the U.S.-Mexico border.

10/22/2018 5:01 PM


  • Sueanne H.
    10/31/2018 23:55

    this was so beautiful to see their family an children being together even thou it wasn't for very long time but it brought happiness an that's way it is all about may God bless each an everyone

  • Jeff P.
    10/31/2018 05:32

    Fake news! They all can cross the border for visits!

  • Bejosano P.
    10/27/2018 18:36

    I dont get it... Why cant they go mexico to visit?????

  • Tom C.
    10/26/2018 22:33

    Take Mexico and make it part of the United States.

  • Adelina E.
    10/25/2018 21:48

    THEN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL DO THE SAME FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO COME HERE . So no more strick immigration officers at the airport , it's free for all . IS THAT IT?

  • Betty G.
    10/25/2018 13:46

    es lo que le decia que hizieramos ahora en agosto creo que fue que lo hizieron en el paso pero no pudo

  • Zenemij Z.
    10/25/2018 13:42

    . Es lo q Te digo q agas con tu ma sale New Mexico mira todo el video

  • Sean F.
    10/25/2018 00:28

    Build the wall!

  • Amy C.
    10/23/2018 23:34

    if they didn't come here illegally they wouldn't be separated

  • Edgar T.
    10/23/2018 14:14

    I do not care. Enter legally or stay the hell out. Fix your own dam country. Don't burden mine.

  • Abrar A.
    10/23/2018 13:22


  • Lynda H.
    10/23/2018 12:24

    Go home

  • Randy G.
    10/23/2018 08:22

    Support walls-

  • Tio T.
    10/23/2018 04:42

    3 minutes is better than zero. Why can they go back to visit?

  • Bonnie A.
    10/23/2018 03:16

    your choice, not Americas choice for you to leave your family behind

  • Lisa H.
    10/23/2018 01:52

    One day Trump and the GOP will be gone (hopefully in hell) and we will restore America to the melting pot that is is supposed to be.

  • Victoria B.
    10/22/2018 19:49

    Why only 3 minutes? It's a very short time. Poor families

  • Mickey S.
    10/22/2018 19:37

    what a great country 🙄

  • Ivan B.
    10/22/2018 18:50

    That's so messed up to give them only 3 mins. That's a slap in the face. Showing people how much they are controlled. Prison inmates get longer visiting time.

  • Anthony D.
    10/22/2018 18:15

    Not much different to the Korean border, but then the US is part of that too 😉😂