1. Dangerous Heat Waves Are Becoming More Common

  2. Nobel Prize Winner Nadia Murad Meets Trump

  3. President Trump Says He's A Genius

  4. President Trump Loves America

  5. Can Cell Phones Deter Illegal ICE Activity?

  6. Trump Won’t Stop Angry Chanting at Rallies

  7. Director with ALS Fights to Finish Final Film

  8. Weirdest Presidential Moments

  9. What It's Like to Work at an Amazon Warehouse

  10. 29 Members of Congress Who Weren't Born in the U.S.

  11. President Trump’s Racist Comments

  12. Franky Zapata Flies Over Bastille Day Crowds

  13. Timeline of Sex Abuse Cases Against Jeffrey Epstein

  14. 8-year-old takes on gun control

  15. Presidents Blame the Previous President

  16. What a Lawyer Saw at Border Detention Centers

  17. World Leaders Who've Hidden Health Conditions

  18. Everyday Racism and Sousveillance

  19. R. Kelly under fire for sexual misconduct allegations

  20. Migrant Mother Testifies on Toddler’s Death at the Border

  21. Obama vs. Trump: Environment

  22. The Long Journey of Reparations For Slavery

  23. Amy McGrath is Running Against Mitch McConnell

  24. The Life of Marianne Williamson

  25. The Story of Julián Castro

  26. How Globalization is Changing Kids' Diets

  27. 5 of President Trump’s Worst Gaffes

  28. How Countries Celebrate Independence Day

  29. Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

  30. How Crossing the Border Became a Crime

  31. 9/11 Hero’s Final Congressional Testimony

  32. Who are the Proud Boys?

  33. Lawmakers Visit Immigrant Detention Facilities

  34. How The Citizenship Question Could Skew The Census

  35. What is Antifa?

  36. U.S. vs. Canada: Immigration

  37. How Corporations Hack Our Minds

  38. Kamala Harris Is Running For President In 2020

  39. Father and Daughter Drown Trying to Seek U.S. Asylum

  40. What The Democrats Said About Trump During The 1st Debates

  41. Kamala Harris Calls Out Joe Biden

  42. Kamala Harris Calls Out Chatty Democrats During Debate

  43. The Life of Civil Rights Hero Bryan Stevenson

  44. Elizabeth Warren — Future U.S. President?

  45. Long-shot Candidates Get Noticed

  46. 2020 Democratic Candidates Get Personal

  47. 2020 Candidates Speak Spanish at 1st Democratic Debate

  48. Welcome to the men's knitting club

  49. Timeline of Michael Jackson's Sexual Assault Allegations

  50. This Democrat Farmer is Running To Flip California’s 1st District

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