1. Trump Met With Protests at Veterans Day Parade

  2. First/Second Generation: Growing Up Taiwanese-American

  3. The Life of Tulsi Gabbard

  4. OK Boomer, Do Millennials Really Have It Worse?

  5. Inside the Crisis at the US-Mexico Border | w/Slim Albaher | Brut

  6. Three Years of Trump

  7. Who Are the LeBarons?

  8. #TBT: Greensboro Massacre

  9. Nova Galaxia on No-Shave November

  10. Ways Lawmakers Avoid a Simple Election Interference Question

  11. Trump’s Call for War on Cartels Spurned After Massacre

  12. Navy Officer By Day and Drag Queen By Night

  13. The Complicated Truth About Foie Gras

  14. Yoga school for big people

  15. The Dad Who Started the Changing Table Revolution

  16. Trump Won’t Stop Comparing Himself to Obama

  17. 5 Times Donald Trump's Deals Collapsed

  18. 4 Surprising Facts About Daylight Saving Time

  19. Rape Survivor Walks 450 Miles in 27 Days

  20. Boeing’s CEO is Bashed at a Congressional Hearing

  21. ICE Plans to Deport Mother Recovering From Cancer

  22. Katie Hill Blasts Double Standards in Final Speech

  23. Students Carry Bullet-Riddled Sign Honoring Emmett Till

  24. What Happens When Wildfires Destroy Your Home

  25. Trump's Geography Fumbles

  26. Meet the Actor Who Confronted Harvey Weinstein

  27. Navy SEAL Reflects on the Bin Laden Mission

  28. This is Brut.

  29. Trump vs. Obama: Death of Terrorist Leaders

  30. Fighting Loneliness with Tea and Strangers

  31. The Story Behind the Statue of Liberty

  32. Introducing Vietnamese-Cajun Crawfish in New Orleans

  33. Accessible Playground for Refugee Kids

  34. Amanda Stuck is Running For People Like Her

  35. AOC Turns Up Heat During Hearings

  36. Animals Have Feelings, According to a Primatologist

  37. Veteran Wrote Children’s Book About PTSD

  38. When Democrats Appropriate the Word “Lynching”

  39. Matthew Shepard's Legacy

  40. Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Pick Him Over Elizabeth Warren

  41. Racist origins of "gypsy"

  42. The Life of Elijah Cummings

  43. What is the Black Economic Revolution? | w/ Seren Sensei

  44. History by Donald Trump in 4 Parts

  45. Ex-Cop Explains Why Texas Police Killing Was Avoidable

  46. World Leaders and Animals

  47. Rep. Elijah Cummings Dies at 68

  48. #TBT: Ken Bone Becomes 2016's Greatest Meme

  49. 5 Ways 2020 Democrats Avoid Debate Questions

  50. Right-Wing Politician Demands Woman Remove Hijab

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