1. Kushner's Russia meetings

  2. Scaramucci's first days

  3. President Obama on White House press secretary

  4. Kobach on voter fraud

  5. Mother deportation

  6. Inspiring women pilots

  7. These GOP women stopped Trumpcare

  8. Kellyanne Conway victim of sexism?

  9. Kamala Harris's prisons speech

  10. Senate Healthcare Bill: In Memoriam

  11. R. Kelly’s sexual misconduct accusations

  12. 6 months later: American Portrait

  13. IHS in crisis

  14. What is opposition research

  15. Clinton and Bush are wise and funny!

  16. Trump celebrates Bastille Day

  17. Kellyanne Conway's arguments

  18. Chris Wray's FBI hearing

  19. What's Ivanka Trump's real role?

  20. Philando Castile police program

  21. Ethics director resigned

  22. White House Pay Gap

  23. Becoming American

  24. 4th of July values

  25. Gender-neutral IDs

  26. Expectation vs. Reality: 4th of July

  27. Senator Sasse on free speech

  28. TOP 5 Trump speech reaction fails

  29. Congressman Al Green is an LGBTQ ally

  30. Voter fraud in the US

  31. Booker Trumpcare Facebook live

  32. Press briefing fight

  33. Homeless vets

  34. Conway on Americans on Medicaid

  35. Racist school bullying

  36. Trump's bluffs

  37. Tangier Island climate change crisis

  38. Trump’s rich cabinet

  39. Trump's solar panel wall idea

  40. Philando Castile’s death

  41. McCain scolds Deputy Defense nominee

  42. Megyn Kelly confronts Alex Jones

  43. Virginia transgender candidate

  44. Dakota Access pipeline protester

  45. Sen. Davis plea for unity

  46. Will the Capitol's unity last?

  47. Happy birthday Mr. Trump

  48. Spy novel book club

  49. Jeff Sessions needed a little help in front of Kamala Harris.

  50. Sessions's opinion about special investigator Mueller

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