30,000 Teachers Are Protesting in L.A.

30,000 teachers are flooding the rainy streets of L.A. to protest stagnant salaries and increasing class sizes. 🍎

01/15/2019 8:11 PM


  • Nsereko B.
    01/25/2019 01:30

    Come to china 🇨🇳 I get you teaching jobs after all they pay even more

  • Dan K.
    01/24/2019 18:53

    Kept letting them in California

  • Karmen G.
    01/24/2019 02:30

    Trump no mira sus problemas y anda metiendo las narices don no debe meterse , no puede solucionar sus problemas que más de lo demás Dios lo va poner en su lugar muy pronto mucho jode y jode al mundo está loco, loco de remate, hay que ponerle camisa de fuerza y llevarlo al psiquiatra......

  • Abdelhalim C.
    01/23/2019 22:28

    This sorry Trump wants to spend 5 billion on a wall, but funding for education is non-existent to him. How sad this situation is!!!!

  • Iram I.
    01/23/2019 04:35

    Saher umer, ,

  • Jani K.
    01/22/2019 05:15


  • Mukunda B.
    01/21/2019 11:06

    don't give tourcher to the teachers

  • Kennedy R.
    01/20/2019 22:33

    Why are you complaining, don't you guys defend illegal immigration? If there is no wallpaper, thousands more will be coming. So stop complaining.

  • Kobby A.
    01/20/2019 19:37


  • Miguel S.
    01/20/2019 12:47

    And I'm pretty sure those schools are getting crowded with illegals kids lol

  • MC I.
    01/20/2019 11:21

    Renalyn Osorio Lorizo , day look hu..

  • Abdelhak B.
    01/19/2019 18:01

    Même manifestation en Grèce

  • Keith M.
    01/19/2019 03:46

    Is LA not one of the cities where illegal immigration is welcomed and sanctuary is welcome and they did not think this would affect their schools? Imagine that.

  • Sabrina D.
    01/18/2019 19:54

    I guess we are not the only ones feeling the pressure

  • Nour E.
    01/18/2019 19:30

    للنشر لأن لديك متابعين كثر

  • Dali Z.
    01/18/2019 17:45

    الاساتذة في أمريكا عندهم الحق يضربوا و يتظاهروا و في تونس يوليوا من غير ضمير ملا شعب كرنبيت

  • أم ا.
    01/18/2019 15:28

    Souad Iman حتى هوما عندهم مشاكل في تعليم هههه

  • Hadda A.
    01/18/2019 06:45

    شنوة بلقيس هذا شفتوه اما الاساتذة التوانسة ما شفتوهمش؟؟؟؟

  • Christine L.
    01/18/2019 04:47

    Henrico Ernesta..

  • Claudia G.
    01/17/2019 19:26

    The struggle is real!

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