These 4 laws are considered some of the strictest in America

These 4 laws are considered some of the strictest in America.

The strictest laws in the country

If you’ve lived in the same country your whole life, it can be easy to be overlooked that not all countries abide by the same laws. But laws vary from country to country for lots of different reasons. While some laws are shaped by a county’s history and its politics, some are formed by a country’s culture and religion. The laws in some countries, however, are so strict that it’s hard to accept that they’re even in existence.

Marital rape exemptions: Although marital rape is considered a crime in the U.S. loopholes and exemptions exist in 17 states. Minnesota repealed the marital rape exemption, after efforts by a woman who was drugged and raped by her husband.

Alabama, Abortion Ban: Alabama banned abortions after 6-weeks with no exception for rape or incest. A woman can only have an abortion in the state if her life is in danger. The law is considered the most restrictive in the entire country.

Missouri, LGBTQI anti-discrimination: Anti-discrimination law in Missouri does not extend to the LGBT community for gender equality. For 21 years, legislators like State Rep. Greg Razer have tried to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” to the existing anti-discrimination law but efforts have failed each time. Missouri is one of 26 states without explicit anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people.

Florida, Stand Your Ground: In Florida, it is legal to use deadly force to defend yourself if you fear your life is in danger. 32 states have Stand Your Ground laws, but Florida is the only one that includes a provision that you don’t have to retreat or try other options before using deadly force to make your own law justice.

These 4 laws are considered the strictest around the country.