4 Trump Loyalists Who Became Critics

"I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist, he is a con man, and he is a cheat. " These four people were loyal to Trump — until they weren't. 😬

Who flipped?

Anthony Scaramucci

“I love the president, and the president is a very very effective communicator. After a brief and embarrassing stint as White House Communications Director. The Mooch changed his tune appearing on CNN to say he no longer supported his former boss. “You are no longer an active supporter of President Trump and his reelection bid?” “I think that’s pretty obvious.”

Michael Cohen

“I always liked Michael Cohen. I haven’t spoken to Michael in a long time.” Cohen was once Trump’s personal lawyer. Until his loyalty to the president earned him 3 years in federal prison and a $50,000 fine. “I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist, he is a con man, and he is a cheat.”

Michael Flynn

“We do not need a wreckless president who believes she is above the law. That’s right lock her up! Flynn spent just 24 days as Trump’s National Security Adviser until his communications with Russian diplomats forced him to resign and later become one of Mueller’s key witnesses. The level of trust between the president and General Flynn had eroded to a point where he felt he had to make a change.

Omarosa Manigault

“When I say “Trump Train,” I want you to say “Choo Choo. I wanna make sure that we are fired up for the next President of the United States!” After The Apprentice made her a household name, Omarosa continued working with Trump all the way into the West Wing. Until she wrote a scandalous tell-all book and alleged on Meet the Press that she had heard the infamous n-word tape. When he talks that way, the way he did on this tape, it confirmed that he is truly a racist.”