1. Seattle's Homelessness Crisis

  2. 80% Of Workers At This Factory Are Blind

  3. Dolls Empowering Young Girls

  4. Brothers empowering other kids with disabilities

  5. Polar Vortex and Heatwave Happening Simultaneously

  6. Man living inside a church to avoid deportation

  7. Trump-Connected "Witch Hunt" Arrests

  8. Are Trump's immigration talking points from a movie?

  9. Empire Creator Responds to Attack on Jussie Smollett

  10. Welcome to a Booze-Free Bar๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  11. Mayor โ€” and gay veteran โ€” shakes up Dem race

  12. Green Pet Food for A Smaller "Carbon Pawprint"

  13. World Record For Longest Line of Sanitary Pads

  14. Bernie calls Trump racist

  15. Acts Of Kindness For Furloughed Federal Workers

  16. Trump's Commerce Secretary Just Doesn't Get It

  17. Bebe Rexha Blasts Designers For Bodyshaming Her

  18. Colorado Senator Slams Ted Cruz Over Gov Shutdown

  19. Cohen calls off testimony because of Trump threats

  20. AOC rebels, votes "no" on reopening the gov't

  21. #MuteRKelly Movement Co-Founder Seeks Accountability

  22. PETA's Tackles "Hate Speech" Against Animals

  23. Unarmed Suspect Beaten By Police Officers

  24. Lady Gaga vs Mike Pence's Christianity

  25. Underground Farms Of The Future

  26. The Ever-Changing Trump-Russia Collusion Story

  27. Green New Deal has D.C. talking

  28. Her iconic hats became the symbol of the Women's March

  29. LGBTQ Group "Werking" For Justice

  30. Farrakhan connection damages Women's March

  31. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Quest for Mitch McConnell

  32. Racial assault while he was on stage

  33. Racial assault while he was on stage

  34. "Tacos For Teachers" Feeds Striking L.A. Educators

  35. She's Fighting For Reproductive Rights

  36. 30,000 Teachers Are Protesting in L.A.

  37. "Hamilton" comes to Puerto Rico

  38. Hip-hop in the classroom

  39. Pastor points to Bible for Wall support

  40. Manager Threw a Chair at a Black Customer

  41. Gov't shutdown hitting real people

  42. Artists bash R. Kelly

  43. Congresswoman's ๐Ÿ”ฅ Speech Criticizes Trump

  44. Puerto Rican Farmers Struggle To Rebuild

  45. Battling sex trafficking epidemic

  46. Eco-Friendly Refrigerator Made From Clay

  47. DIY Tutorial: How to Make All Natural Lip Balm

  48. Michelle Obama's Advice to Parents

  49. 1st Bisexual Senator Sworn In By Pence

  50. Trump's Opponents Become His Biggest Fans

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