1. What’s the deal with the NBA and human rights abuses in China?

  2. #MyDisabledLifeIsWorthy: People with disabilities clap back at CDC director

  3. Father Anne is fighting for woman priesthood in Catholicism

  4. Indigenous TikToker exposes food inequality in Canada's Native communities

  5. Travis Scott's history of chaos at concerts, before Astroworld

  6. Fighting a bill that would shield white people from feeling "uncomfortable"

  7. How a mayor and youth activist are leading the calls for action on climate finance for the Global South

  8. Who are the Oath Keepers?

  9. André Leon Talley’s first muse was his grandmother

  10. Why NYC high-school students organized a citywide school walkout

  11. The life of Betty White

  12. Outdoor salon gives makeovers to the homeless

  13. How Joe Rogan became Joe Rogan

  14. The life of Novak Djokovic

  15. The refugees who shared a hotel with Novak Djokovic

  16. Why this climate scientist could relate to "Don't Look Up"

  17. Dr. Fauci slams Sen. Rand Paul for encouraging death threats

  18. Throwback: How COVID was covered in the news when it first appeared

  19. Deadly fire in the Bronx kills at least 19

  20. The life of the Weeknd

  21. American students compare Capitol riots to school shootings

  22. The assault on the Capitol: A timeline

  23. The life of Meghan Markle

  24. Capitol rioters: How it started vs. How it’s going

  25. What is "stealthing"?

  26. Who is Dr. Oz?

  27. 7 memorable speeches from 2021

  28. Ghislaine Maxwell: the socialite convicted of sex-trafficking

  29. Sister Act: California's 'weed nuns'

  30. 2021 in 5 minutes

  31. Investigation underway after a teen fatally shot in LA

  32. The life of Issa Rae

  33. The real story of the "House of Gucci"

  34. Meet the mom bringing Black Santas to children

  35. #NoTrucksToColorado, explained

  36. All they want for Christmas

  37. The history of female masturbation

  38. How Texas is transforming from a gas guzzler to a green jobs state

  39. The men legislating about women’s bodies in America

  40. Transracial adoptees are speaking up about their struggles

  41. What intersex people are fighting for

  42. Politics and unfounded COVID-19 treatment tips

  43. The life of Aaliyah

  44. Zendaya talks superpowers and "sheroes" with Brut

  45. How to survive a shark attack

  46. Fox News vs. Fox News on the Capitol Riots

  47. Who are the Proud Boys?

  48. "I had to fight to humanize myself."

  49. Kentucky governor addresses tornado destruction and recovery

  50. Idaho professor's sexist comments about women in the workplace

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