5 Ways Trump Deals With Hurt Feelings

Insults… Leaving the meeting… Slamming the attacker. These are some of the ways President Trump copes.

A sensitive soul

Ditching the meeting

After Canadian PM Justin Trudeau along with other world leaders appeared to mock him at a NATO summit. Trump slammed the Canadian PM and left London for Washington.

Slam the attacker

Donald Trump has dismissed Jimmy Carter’s swipe at the legitimacy of his presidency, calling it nothing more than a “Democrat talking point” while offering his own digs at the 94-year-old former president.

Claiming his virtues

Congressional Democrats walked out of a White House meeting on Syria, claiming President Donald Trump was demeaning to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi said Trump was “shaken up” by having lost most Republicans in a vote condemning Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, “What we witnessed on the part of the president was a meltdown, sad to say," Pelosi said. Hours later, in a series of tweets attacking her, Trump said it was Pelosi who had an "unhinged meltdown." In another tweet, Trump claimed Pelosi "needs help fast," adding, "Pray for her, she is a very sick person!"

Blaming the audience

Jeb Bush bore into Trump’s knowledge and readiness to confront national security threats, noting that Trump had made positive remarks about Russia’s role in fighting the Islamic State in Syria. Trump drew more boos by attacking a South Carolina Republican, Senator Lindsey Graham, who is a Bush ally. Trump dismissed the catcalls from the audience by saying they were from Bush supporters, donors and Washington insiders. “I tell the truth, lobbyists,” Trump said.

Kicking back the insult

Thrusting himself into the heated American presidential campaign, Pope Francis has declared that Donald Trump is “not Christian”for wanting to address illegal immigration only by building a wall along the US-Mexico border. Trump fired back ferociously, saying it was “disgraceful” for a religious leader to question a person’s faith.


12/08/2019 11:19 AM
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  • Larry R.
    03/21/2020 17:01

    If trump was not so much of a moron, if he wouldn’t shoot his mouth off with stupid remarks all of the time. If he would just do his job and stop lying and making fun of people. Perhaps people would not attack him so much. But he deserves everything he gets. Nothing but a joke. 🤡🤡🤡

  • Helen C.
    02/22/2020 18:55

    Who gets attacked the most !!! But does the most for his country !!!!President Donald Trump !!! 2020 !!!!! Don't you agree!!!!

  • Alikba A.
    02/19/2020 20:41


  • Alikba A.
    02/19/2020 20:40


  • Alikba A.
    02/19/2020 20:40

    the national leaders.

  • Alikba A.
    02/19/2020 20:39


  • Bruce S.
    01/01/2020 12:31

    Action speaks louder than words....unfortunately the junior high kids are hung up on he said she said.

  • Dennis L.
    01/01/2020 02:34

    Small p.p. syndrome.

  • Edo K.
    01/01/2020 01:55

    When even the pope is against need to vote for trump bc clearly they are all scared of what he can do to them

  • Johnny B.
    01/01/2020 00:55


  • Geoffrey M.
    01/01/2020 00:42

    The question you should ask is, Why are you attacked more than any other simple answer.."you talk too much", you respond to everyone who mentions your name, so they enjoy plating around with the president. If only you can remain silent and concentrate with your work you will be the greatest president in the American history.

  • Ginger D.
    01/01/2020 00:25

    God Bless him.

  • Frank R.
    01/01/2020 00:24

    You mean like Joe Biden insulting people on the campaign trail? Maxine Waters just being Maxine Waters. Kathy Griffith suggesting Trump be murdered. The tolerance of the the left is astounding.

  • David M.
    01/01/2020 00:13


  • Mark M.
    12/31/2019 23:42

    I think a President should send out tweets or his staff like a teen anger.Very unpresidential.

  • Ann F.
    12/31/2019 23:19

    Trump cry baby 😂😂

  • Dave D.
    12/31/2019 22:53

    Go Trump

  • Rickey W.
    12/31/2019 21:25


  • Pablo A.
    12/31/2019 21:19


  • David H.
    12/31/2019 19:20

    A very good CHRISTIAN wouldn't want to build walls what happened to spreading the WORD of God or is it contained behind a WALL.